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MNG00785 Session 3 2020 – Assessment 2 Case StudyTask 2 of Assessment 2 requires you to create a Project Management Plan for the following project.New community playgroundYou are employed by a local council as a Project Manager. The council have just approved a ProjectCharter for a new community playground. They have allocated 1,000 square meters of green space,and have allocated a budget of $250,000. The open space is currently home to a derelict vehicle, aswell as other waste materials dumped over the years. It is also prone to flooding, so flood-proofpathways from the street to the playground equipment are included in the project. The counciloccupational health and safety office have stipulated that the surface under the playgroundequipment must be made of soft-fall material, and a water drinking fountain and rubbish bin are tobe provided. These facilities have been included in the project scope. The council approved theProject Charter on the 1st of June and want the playground to be finished by the 1st December toensure it is open for the summer holiday period.You have been allocated a small project team from the council services to do the site preparation,installation of pathways, installation of soft-fall base and other facilities, and landscaping. Aseparate company, ‘Fun Kids Play Equipment’ has been contracted to supply and install theplayground equipment. The quote for the supply and installation of the playground equipment hasbeen accepted and totals $140,000.Your project team comprises you as Project Manager, a landscape gardener, a concreter and aplumber, and you are all able to help and do general duties. You have access to the council’sbuilding, gardening and earth works equipment. Assume that you, the members of the project team,and any contractors can all work 5 days a week.The following List of Most Important Work will assist with your scope management and otherproject planning. Please note, this is NOT a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). You should use thebelow information to create your own Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and list of activities. List of Most Important Work (not necessarily in order of schedule or priority):1Clear site of waste material2Prepare site (earth works)3Lay concrete pathways4Lay soft-fall base5Install playground equipment6Plumbing for water fountain7Install water fountain8Install rubbish bin9Lay grass around the perimeter10Plant of trees and shrubs11Clear site of building rubbish


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