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MNG900785 – Project Management10Assessment 2 Assessment typeProject ReportWord limit3,000 approx.Weighting40%Due date11pm Sunday Week 9 OverviewThe planning process group seeks to “establish the project scope, refine objectives, anddefine plans and actions to attain objectives” (PMBOK cited in Kloppenborg 2018, p. 10).This assessment seeks to build your understanding of some of the key work processes,deliverables and tools within the planning process group and practice applying them to acase study. An output of this assessment will be a project management plan that may serveas a model for other projects that you are involved with.Learning outcomesThis assessment task is aligned to the following learning outcomes:1. Demonstrate a critical understanding of the principles of project management asprescribed in the global standard (PMBOK® Guide)3. Critically analyse, interpret and apply the project management knowledge areas tothe various phases of any project, as appropriate, and demonstrate anunderstanding of the activities and interrelationships critical to the successfulcompletion of each phase of a project.4. Create an integrated project plan for a real project, including schedule, humanresources, budget, risks, and quality, and prepare appropriate Project Managementdocumentation of the planAssessment detailsYou are asked to describe the purpose of work processes, deliverables and tools within theproject planning process group and discuss the theory behind each. You will then applythese using the case study provided to develop a project management plan. You are askedto draw primarily from the theory contained in the textbook (Kloppenborg 2018) and thePMBoK (6th edition).MNG900785 – Project Management11Assessment structurePlease structure your assessment around each of the following key sections and tasks. TaskSectionSection DescriptionCover pageTable of contentsTASK1Theory of projectplanningDescribe the purpose of each of the following components of projectplanning. Using appropriately cited paraphrasing, you are expected toinclude and draw on the textbook description for each of the followingsections:TASK2Project management planA project management plan based on the case study provided. Theproject management plan should:• include all of elements noted 1.1-1.10• use relevant Exhibits from Kloppenborg 2018 as the modelsfor the tables, tools and outputs.TASK3ReferencesA list of references in Harvard style. 1.1.WBS1. chartSchedule – GanttSchedule 2 – AoNResource overloads1.6.Budget1.7.Risk Management1.8.Change Management1.9.Stakeholder Management1.10.Project closure Preparing your assessment1. As there is such an emphasis on the textbook, all in-text citations MUST include thepage numbers.2. The academic nature of this essay requires the use of in-page citation and referencingin accordance with SCU Harvard Referencing Standards. Further information regardingSCU referencing standards are available at: Your textbook is expected to be the foundational source of theory and should beexplicitly utilised as a reference for Task 1. Additional reference material may beincluded.4. Headings are recommended as per the ‘Assessment Structure – Sections’.5. An Excel template will be provided to assist you will preparing 1.3 Schedule – Gantt.6. You are encouraged to use diagrams, tables or similar to improve the readability andclarity of your assessment. These should be formatted as per the Exhibits inKloppenborg 2018.7. Word count is approximate only given the amount of information that will be provided intables.MNG900785 – Project Management128. Cover and contents pages, tables, references, appendices are not included in the wordcount.9. Headings are encouraged as per the section and components 1.1-1.10.Submission formatUpload as one single MS Word file via the Assessment 2 Submission portal in theAssessment Tasks and Submission folder within Blackboard. The Excel file which containsthe 1.3 Schedule – Gantt should be embedded within your MS Word file.To embed the Gantt into your MS Word file: select the cells in Excel you want to display, forexample A17 to CI37, and press CTRL-C. Switch the window to MS Word and select thelocation you want the Gantt to appear and press CTRL-ALT-V – and select Picture(Enhanced Metafile) for the best result.Please do not paste as a Microsoft Excel Worksheet Object.You can leave the picture in the size it appears, the marker will be able to zoom in and seethe details.MNG900785 – Project Management13Assessment 2 rubric Scale 5Scale 4Scale 3Scale 2Scale 1Task 140%WBSExcellentparaphrasing andinsightful detail.Demonstrates anexception level ofunderstanding.Strongparaphrasing andlevel ofunderstandingdemonstrated.Soundparaphrasing andlevel ofunderstandingdemonstrated.Poor paraphrasing/acknowledgementof sources orunderstanding stilldeveloping.Poorparaphrasing/acknowledgementof sources andunderstandingincomplete.RACI chartSchedule – GanttSchedule 2 –AoNResourceoverloadsBudgetRiskManagementChangeManagementStakeholder IDand comm.Project closureTask 240%.WBSExceptionalexecution andappliedunderstandingdemonstrated.Strong executionand appliedunderstandingdemonstrated.Sound executionand appliedunderstandingdemonstrated.Poor execution orapplication notaccuratePoor executionwith significantomissions orerrors..RACI chartSchedule – GanttSchedule 2 –AoN MNG900785 – Project Management14 ResourceoverloadsBudgetRiskManagementChangeManagementStakeholderManagement.Project closureReferencing20%Paraphrasing oftextbook andacademic sources isstrong and wellintegrated.In-text citations andreferences are fullyconsistent withHarvard style.Paraphrasing oftextbook andacademic sources isstrong.In-text citations andreferences are mostlyconsistent withHarvard style.Paraphrasing oftextbook andacademic sources issound.In-text citations andreferences containerrors.Paraphrasing oftextbook andacademic sources isweak; plagiarismevident or relies ondirect quotes.In-text citations andreferences areinconsistent withHarvard style.No or minimalparaphrasing oftextbook andacademic sources.In-text citations andreferences aremissing or are notrelevant..


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