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Outline: Students are required to complete one essay from the list of essay topics found at this link. You will be required to conduct additional research beyond what has been presented in the unit and the unit’s weekly readings.A properly formatted list of references in Harvard Style must be included with your assignment. You should aim to include at least 10 references. You also need to include in-text citations.You are allowed to illustrate your essay with images. You must ensure that these are sourced correctly. Due date: Thursday, 5 pm, Week 11 Length: 2,000 words, not including references and footnotes Weighting percentage: 50% Assessment Criteria: Comprehension of the essay topic (15%)Originality of work and development of a clear, well-structured argument (15%)Complexity, depth and breadth of research. Quality of source material (10%)Expression and grammar (5%)Presentation of assignment, including citations, referencing, images, and other supporting materials (5%)


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