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Hello, I am taking a “Technology management” class. And the professor wants the student to make a group and decide one company, and need to make a ppt for the presentation, the content must be included with these 5 points. 1. company overview— (one of my members will in charge of this part)2. R&d strategy of Tesla—( This is my part in charge)3. R&D evaluation—(one of my members will in charge of this part)4.R&D budget—(one of my members will in charge of this part)5. Comparison of tesla R&D and other automobile companies R&D—(one of my members will in charge of this part) So, my group decided to go with the company of “TESLA”And as you can see above, I am in charge of the R&d strategy of Tesla part, so basically, what you have to do is do some research about the ‘R&d strategy of Tesla’ and make about 3-4 pages of slides and scripts for each slide. So that I can present my part later based on what you’ve done(3-4pages of slides and script) for me haha. Actually, I already found some web sites. (I’m sure this would be very helpful) 1. Understanding Tesla’s Intensive Growth Strategy in 2020 2. (you can check the R&D part in this) https://medium.com/@alecfurrier/tesla-business-model-strategic-analysis-c7d00bdc0339#:~:text=Tesla’s%20broad%20differentiation%20strategy%20is,such%20as%20solar%20roof%20tiles Also, I am going to attach here some provided materials, so you can have a look. *NEED 3-4PAGES OF SLIDES, AND SCRIPT FOR THE SLIDES. THIS IS NOT A REPORT JUST INFORM YOU, THIS IS A PRESENTATION(SPEECH), SO WHEN YOU WRITE YOUR SCRIPT FOR EACH slide, IT SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN SPEAKING WAY. If you don’t understand the task or anything, just please let me know:) The post R&d strategy of Tesla appeared first on Template.


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