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A major network station has recently decided to remake Reginald Rose’s 1954 teleplay12 Angry Men. The head of the network, however, believes that the original ending willnot satisfy modern television viewers. Your job as a television writer is to cr******e analternate ending to the play OR add more story that takes place after Rose’s originalending.REQUIREMENTS–6 pages minimum–Line spacing should mimic the transcript as much as possible–MUST be written as a script (follow the transcript model)–MUST include stage directions (portion of packet in italics and parentheses)–Each of the 12 jurors must speak at least one lineKEEP IN MIND–Reginald Rose’s style: Your writing must flow with the original script!!!–The character******ics of each juror: Look at their tone of voice, their attitude, and the waythey talk. Use your character analysis sheet for ass******ance.–Make sure this is written like a script!!!


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