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ICT_Mail_Design_Project_Scenario_Taskv2.docx Page 1 of 2Scenario Mail Design (TTF)You are a Messaging Engineer with a computer systems integration company named ‘Skillage I.T.’.You have been tasked with designing a new secure messaging implementation for a new mediumsize client. You will use your newly gained knowledge to design and implement the mailinfrastructure and VOIP services in order to facilitate a successful outcome for Skillage I.T. and theclient.The project has had some preliminary work done on it and you have the following informationavailable… Business Plan Company Profile Existing Topology Stakeholder InterviewsYou need to produce a plan to upgrade the network infrastructure. The following is a list ofthe project deliverables:a. Network Design and supporting documentsb. Server Specification – two proposals using different hardware vendors – include:i. Roles of serversii. Number and location of servers, based on Rolesiii. Approval sign off documentc. Server build task list templated. Server Test plane. Server Maintenance planf. Security policy and plan – including:i. Perimeter Designii. Remote accessiii. Site to site linksiv. Defence in Depthv. Security Auditingvi. Risk Analysisvii. Firewall configuration and portsg. User documentationh. Disaster Recovery Plani. Ongoing maintenance support (SLA)j. Project Plan must include:i. The design and implementation of mail services.ii. The design and implementation of VOIP voice and video businesscommunications.iii. Suitable staff to carry out each function with identified skill sets.k. Handover schedule including post implementation review.ICT_Mail_Design_Project_Scenario_Taskv2.docx Page 2 of 2There are many components that go into developing a successful network infrastructuredesign and implementation.Ensure you use appropriate documentation for each component.Use network maps or diagrams, lists, block diagrams, component maps, etc.All of the work that you submit must be your own work and that appropriate referencing isused.


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