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SIT718 Assignment 1 2020 { T3 1 of 5ASSESSMENT 2 DETAILSPlagiarism occurs when a student passes off as the student’s own work, or copies withoutacknowledgement as to its authorship, the work of any other person or resubmits their ownwork from a previous assessment task.Collusion occurs when a student the agreement of another person for a fraudulent purpose, with the intent of obtaining an advantage in submitting an assignment or other work.Work submitted may be reproduced and/or communicated by the university for the purposeof assuring academic integrity of submissions: aggregation functions for data analysisThe provided zip file contains the data file [EuStockMarkets2.txt ] and the Rcode [AggWaFit718.R ] to use with the following tasks. Include these in your Rworking directory.Total Marks 100, Weighting 20%SIT718 Assignment 1 2020 { T3 2 of 5European Stockmarket Prediction DatasetThe given dataset, “EuStockMarkets2.txt”, can be used to create models of prediction ofstockmarkets. The dataset provides the values of European stockmarket indices using 1200measurements. The dataset includes 4 variables, denoted as X1, X2, X3 and X4, described asfollows:X1- DAX The blue chip stock market index that comprises 30 major German companiestrading on the Frankfurt Stock exchange and is also called DAX30. The index carriessimilar weight as Dow Jones in US and FT30.X2 { SMI The Swissm Market Index (SMI)] is Switzerland’s blue-chip stock market indexwhich makes it the most followed in the country. It is made up of the 20 of the largestand the most liquid Swiss Performance Index (SPI) stock. As a price index, the SMI isnot adjusted for dividends.X3-CAC The French CAC40 (Cotation Assiste´e en Continu) is a benchmark French stockmarket index. The index represents a capitalisation-weighted measure of the 40 mostsignificant among the 100 largest market caps on the Euronext Paris, formerly the ParisBurse.X4-FTSE The Financial Times Stock Exchange Group (FTSE) is an independent organisation. It specialises in creating index offerings for the global financial markets. An indexwill represent a market segment and its hypothetical portfolio of stock holdings.The variable X4-FTSE is the target variable.Tasks:1. Understand, clean (if necessary) and prepare the data [10 marks](i) Download the txt file (EuStockMarkets2.txt) from CloudDeakin and save it to yourR working directory.(ii) Assign the data to a matrix, e.g.


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