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A 10-pitch 20 full-depth involute gearset, with and face width of 1.25 inches, is being proposed to provide a 2:1 speed reduction for a conveyor drive unit. The 18- tooth pinion is to be driven by a 15-hp, 1725-rpm electric motor operating steadily at full-rated power. A very long life is desired for this gearset, and a reliability of 99 percent is required. Do the following: a. Using the AGMA refined approach, calculate the tooth bending stress at the tension-side root fillet of the driving pinion. b. Repeat (a) for the tension-side root fillet of the driven gear. c. If the proposed material for both gears is AISI 4620 through-hardened to BHN 207, estimate the existing safety factor at the tension-side root fillet of whichever gear is more critical, based on tooth bending fatigue.


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