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Write a program which accepts a list of integers which may contain duplicated integers, and which outputs the input list as a sorted list in ascending order without duplication (the same program as specified in Assignment 1). You can use either Ruby, C, C++, C# or Java to implement your program (referred to as P).Design a test suite of 10 test cases (referred to as TC). Each test case has not more than 20 integers.Test P against TC to make sure that your P passes every test case of TC prior to continuing the other tasks.Manually construct two non-equivalent mutants for P (referred to M1 and M2).Choose 2 MRs that you developed in Assignment 1 (referred to as MR1 and MR2).Compute the effectiveness for MR1 and MR2 using M1, M2 and the test cases in TC as their source test cases.7.You are required to submit a report which must contain at least the followings items: Program listing of P.A description of all elements of TC.A description of the mutated statements in P for mutants M1 and M2. Note that you need not to give the complete program listings for mutants M1 and M2. You are only required to point out which statements in P are changed and how are they changed to construct M1 and M2.Explain the process that you applied to guarantee that your M1 and M2 are non- equivalent mutants.Explain with sufficient details on how the effectiveness for MR1 and MR2 are calculated, using the metric of expected ratio of violations.Discuss and interpret your results about the effectiveness for MR1 and MR2.


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