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Question 1: 500 words David Crystal draws on semiotics, stylistics and rhetoric to analyse Obama’s celebration speech [Reading A – Chapter 2]. Discuss the major analytic tools Crystal uses to analyse the speech.Which stylistic and linguistic features does Crystal identify in his analysis?Does Obama’s speech hint toward any ideological concerns of any particular social group? Question 2: 500 words In Chapter 3 ‘Creativity on Sale’, you came across an advertisement for the perfume Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion, which contains just 12 words ‘Be touched by the fragrance that touches the woman’. Discuss the linguistic patterning and visual devices that generate a number of potential meanings. Question 3: 500 words Discuss the contrastive views between the ‘traditional’ approaches and the ‘progressive’ approaches of teaching English language to schoolchildren in the UK [the viewpoints of their pros and cons].


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