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ASSESSMENT TASK 4ASSESSMENT TASK 1Assessment planThe following outlines the requirements of your final assessment for:§ CPPDSM4005A Establish and build client-agency relationships§ CPPDSM4009B Interpret legislation to complete agency work§ CPPDSM4015B Minimise agency and consumer risk§ CPPDSM4056A Manage conflict and disputes in the property industry.You are required to complete all tasks to demonstrate competency in these units.These units are assessed through the following: AssessmentRequirementsMethodofAssessment1. ShortanswerquestionsWrittenactivity2. Agency–clientrelationshipsProject3. RisksinrealestateProject4. CasestudiesCasestudy/writtenactivity5. RoleplaysRoleplay All assessments will ensure that the principles of assessment and rules of evidence are adhered to. The principles ofassessment are that assessment must be valid, fair, reliable and consistent. The rules of evidence state that evidence must besufficient, valid, current and authentic.What you need to do:§ Answer the questions below by writing in the space provided. If you require more space, use a blank sheet of paper.Alternatively, you may like to use Microsoft Word and print out your answers to each question.§ You are required to answer all questions correctly. If incorrect answers are provided, your assessor will identify the gapsin your knowledge and understanding and make arrangements for reassessment.What you will need:§ Research materials such as books, internet, magazines, workplace documentation etc.§ Access to legislative and regulatory documentation.When:§ During your own time (workplace based)What you need to submit:§ Your answers to these questions.CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 35ASSESSMENT TASK 4Assessment Task 4: Case studiesWhat you need to do:§ Read each of the case studies below.§ Answer the questions that follow.What you will need:§ Research materials such as books, internet, magazines, workplace documentation etc.§ Access to legislation, regulations and codes of conduct specific to your own state or territory.What you need to submit:§ Answers to the questions for each case study. In some cases you will need to refer to your state’s legislative andregulatory requirements to obtain your answers§ Conflict resolution plan (case studies 5–10).Instructions:Complete each of the case studies below.Case study 1Stephanie and Ben Butler are a recently retired couple who have decided to sell the house that they have lived in for theirentire married life – over 45 years. This has been a difficult decision for them as they have raised three children and thereare many happy memories attached to the family home. However, the house is too big for them now and although thegarden is Stephanie’s pride and joy, it is becoming more and more difficult for her to maintain. Stephanie is a keengardener and is particularly proud of the exquisite roses she has cultivated over the years.Daniel has been working as an estate agent for over 20 years. He has a large client base and extensive knowledge of thelocal area. Daniel has arranged to visit the Butlers to view their property and discuss the possibility of them listing theproperty with his agency. The meeting is scheduled for 2:00pm on Thursday.The meetingDaniel arrives at 2:25pm. He strides up to the front door, talking on his mobile phone and knocks on the door.Stephanie opens the door and Daniel holds his hand up to her as he finishes his phone call.Daniel: Hi there, great day isn’t it! I’ve just been viewing the most amazing house just a few blocks over, should be able toget top price for it. It’s put me a bit behind, but I knew you wouldn’t mind … you’re retired, nothing much to dohuh! (laughs). Anyway, where’s Ben? Let’s have a look at this old house of yours, shall we? I’m sorry; I’veforgotten your name.Stephanie is taken aback by this introduction but she stands back and allows Daniel to enter into the hallway. Ben comes inand Daniel shakes his hand.Daniel: Daniel. Pleased to meet you Ben.He glances around the entrance and walks ahead into the house; Stephanie and Ben trail behind him.As Daniel leads the way through the rooms, he takes two phone calls, one from a client and one from a colleague. When heis not on the phone, he makes several comments such as “mmm, not bad”, “great room … pity you’ve let it go”. He doesn’ttake any notes as he inspects the house and he completely ignores Stephanie, directing all of his questions and commentsto Ben.After he has seen all of the rooms, he heads back to the entrance hall.Daniel: It’s a big house, would suit a growing family I think. It needs a man who knows his way around a hammer (laughs),CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 36ASSESSMENT TASK 4handy work is not one of your strengths hey Ben? (laughs again).Well, I’ve been doing this job for so many years now, I know all the tricks. We’ll just keep a few things quiet andget the best price for you.I’ll get you to pop into the office at some point to complete all the necessary paperwork. Young girl there, Amy orAnna … something like that … I’ll get her to look after you; she’s just new so she could do with the practice. I wantto focus on this other house I looked at today – it will definitely go for a good price.He looks at the garden and complements Ben on his green thumb. Ben shakes his head and tells him that Stephanie is thegardener, not him.Daniel: Oh well, it will help sell the house, even with the roses – such an old fashioned plant, don’t you think?He heads off down the path. “I’ll be in touch” he calls over his shoulder as his phone rings.a) Discuss the following issues:§ How do you think Stephanie and Ben will react to Daniel?§ Do you think they will list the property with Daniel’s agency?§ Identify and discuss four aspects of the scenario where Daniel has failed to demonstrate effective communicationand interpersonal skills.§ Do you think Daniel has acted unethically? Explain your response.b) Stephanie and Ben have approached your agency and you are going to meet them to discuss their needs. Develop a clientprofile and discuss the strategies that you will use to develop the relationship.c) Conduct a risk analysis and identify a minimum of three risks that could impact on the outcome of the client relationship.Develop a risk management plan which includes:§ a minimum of three risks§ the likely impact§ the risk level, likelihood/consequence§ risk treatment strategies§ responsibility for implementing strategies§ timeframes and monitoring processesCPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 37ASSESSMENT TASK 4For case studies 2–4, you are required to:§ identify the risks§ categorise and prioritise the risks§ determine options for minimising the risks§ identify any legislative requirements related to the situation.Case study 2You are conducting a property inspection at a flat in a strata title building. The tenant tells you that the lights in thestairway are not working. When you inform the landlord, she claims it is the Owners Corporation’s responsibility, not hers.Case study 3You are approached by a vendor wishing to sell his property in a high profile suburb. After hearing the vendor’sexpectations, you believe that he has unrealistic expectations when it comes to the sale price. He tells you that it will be okbecause he has friends who will come to the auction and make sure there is plenty of competition.Case study 4A vendor wishes to list her property with your agency. She is anxious to sell the property quickly as she has been offered apromotion overseas. Your nephew is a property developer and you believe it is a good solution so you invite him put in anoffer for the property.For case studies 5–10, you are required to demonstrate your knowledge of effective communication and negotiationtechniques to effectively manage conflict and disputes.You are required to complete a conflict resolution plan for each case study, using the four headings listed below.For each situation you will need to identify the cause of the conflict or the potential for conflict. You should consider any legalrequirements and obligations of the people involved in the situation. Decide on the most appropriate actions for dealingeffectively with the situation and document the actions you will take, any advice you would give, recommendations forfurther assistance and plans for monitoring the situation and outcomes.Conflict resolution plan1. Define the issues.Identify the main issues, referring to legislation where it applies.2. Decide on an approach.Document how you will approach the situation taking into account:§ the people involved in the conflict§ possible emotional responses§ social and cultural difference§ legal requirements§ communication barriersCPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 38ASSESSMENT TASK 43. Make recommend actions.Recommend the actions that should be undertaken to resolve the conflict situation. You must consider any legalobligations for all of the people involved.4. Outline a monitoring planOutline how you will ensure that the situation has been resolved.Case study 5Sonia has been renting a property for three years and has always been prompt in paying the rent. Lately, however, she hasbeen late in paying and you have had to send her emails requesting payment. She apologises and explains that she recentlychanged banks and has not set up a direct debit for the rent as she had done in the past. She always pays the rent whenshe is reminded but you are becoming impatient with having to remind her every month.Case study 6You are undertaking a routine inspection on a rental property and you notice a hole in the lounge room wall. The tenanttells you that during a recent party, things got a bit out of hand and a friend threw a glass into the wall. She laughs and tellsyou not to worry; she’ll get it fixed before she moves out. You tell her that it needs to be fixed and that you will get youragency’s tradesperson to quote on repairing the wall and that she can get quotes as well. She starts to get angry and tellsyou to leave.Case study 7Belinda has her property listed with your agency. The house has been on the market for over three months. You contacther to ask her to spend another $500 on advertising. Karen is angry and tells you she doesn’t think you have been doingyour best to sell the property. She has noticed that two other properties have recently sold in her area, one on the samestreet as hers. She is considering listing with another agency.Case study 8Luis is a tenant in an apartment managed by your agency. He has been renting the apartment for three months. He advisesyou that there are few minor repairs that need attention, the exterior light on the balcony is not working and the taps inthe bathroom are leaking. He tells you that the balcony light has not worked since he moved in but he didn’t think it wasworth worrying about. You inform the landlord who claims that the light was working when Luis moved in, so therefore thetenant must have broken it himself.Case study 9You recently sold a property to Damian and Larissa and settlement is scheduled for next week. You receive a phone callfrom them. They have just undertaken a pre-settlement property inspection and shelving in the study has been removed.Damian and Larissa believed that the shelving was included as part of the sale. Larissa works from home and was intendingto use the room as her office. You contact the vendor and he tells you that he had always intended to remove the shelves.Case study 10Sharn is a tenant in one of your properties. English is Sharn’s second language and he struggles with writing in English.CPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 39ASSESSMENT TASK 4Therefore, he prefers to contact you by phone or in person rather than writing. He has made several verbal requests forsome repairs to be made the house he is renting. You have tried to contact the landlord on several occasions but she is notreturning your phone calls or responding to your emails. Sharn has not paid his rent this month, when you contact him, hetells you that he won’t be paying rent until the landlord undertakes the repairs.Case study 11Rashid has engaged Rita to sell his property. Rita’s brother, Marco, is looking for a house in the area and after viewing thehouse; she believes that the house is exactly what Marco is looking for. She rings Marco to tell him about the houseNote: Case study 11 is also included in CPPDSM4008A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property sales to completeagency work. If you have already completed this case study for CPPDSM4008A, you do not need to complete this again.a) Which section of the Act relates to an agent purchasing property?b) Outline the requirements of the section, including any penalties.c) Do the requirements of this section apply to Rita’s situation? Explain why/why not.d) Are there any exemptions to the section requirements? If yes, what are they?e) What penalties apply for breach of the section?f) What advice would you give Rita in relation to her actions in this matter?Case study 12Deidre has just signed the lease on a property managed by Bellbird Real Estate. During the inspection with the propertymanager, Andrew, Deidre identifies several non-urgent repairs including a broken light fitting, a hole in the lounge roomwall and a broken wardrobe door handle. Andrew tells Deidre that these should have been picked up before she moved inand that he will talk to the landlord about the repairs. He takes both copies of the condition report, telling her not toworry; he’ll arrange everything and give her the condition report when it is all fixed.A week later, the landlord knocks on Deidre’s door at 8:00pm. He tells her that he was in the neighbourhood and thoughthe would pop in to fix the wall and take the broken fittings so that he can get them replaced.Note: Case study 2 is also included in CPPDSM4007A Identify legal and ethical requirements of property management tocomplete agency work. If you have already completed this case study for CPPDSM4007A you do not need to complete thisagain.a) What sections of the Act have been breached by the landlord and the property manager in this scenario? What are thepenalties (where applicable)?b) Outline a landlord’s entry rights and obligations as defined in the Act.c) Under what circumstances can a landlord enter a property? Identify the appropriate section of the Act.d) When can an inspection be carried out on a rental property?e) What must be in a notice of entry?f) Does a tenant have the right to refuse entry?Case study 13Caroline is working as an agent’s representative with SLS Real Estate. She lives in an apartment block in which there are anumber of apartments managed by SLS Real Estate. Caroline has become friends with one of the tenants, Elena. OneFriday as Caroline is heading to work, Elena asks her to take her rent money to save her a trip. Caroline takes the moneybut when she arrives at the office she has to deal with an emergency situation and forgets to hand the money over to Scottin Accounts. Over the weekend, Caroline remembers the money and realises that she has made a mistake. On Monday,she leaves the money on Scott’s desk with a note. However, when Scott arrives he doesn’t see the note and is unsure whatthe money is for. As it is end of month, he doesn’t have time to look into it, so he decides to deposit the money into theCPP40307 Certificate IV in Property Services (Real Estate)© 2015 National Real Estate Learning Page 40ASSESSMENT TASK 4business account until he has time to sort it out.a) Identify the relevant sections of the requirements that relate to the management of trust money.b) Which sections have been breached in the case study above?c) Is the principal agent responsible for Caroline’s actions?d) Discuss the ethical and conduct standards that Caroline has breached in the case study.


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