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Assignment-1 (Mini Case – Chick-n-Gravy Dinner Line)By Dalanjot Singh Brar (A01203717)Table 1.0Defects Total Cumulative Sum Defect % Cumulative defect %Unacceptable Taste 22 22 31.428571 31.42857143Missing Items 18 40 25.714286 57.14285714Spilled/ Mixed 14 54 20 77.14285714Improperly sealed 11 65 15.714286 92.85714286Underfilled 5 70 7.1428571 100Total 70Table 1.1Defects Total Cumulative defect %Unacceptable Taste 22 31.42857143Missing Items 18 57.14285714Spilled/ Mixed 14 77.14285714Improperly sealed 11 92.85714286Underfilled 5 100Total 70Pareto AnalysisDefect Check List0204060801001205 010152025Unaccptable Taste Missing Items Spilled/ Mixed Improperly sealed UnderfilledPareto AnalysisTotal Cumulative defect %2218141155 010152025Unacceptable taste Missing item Spilled/mixed Improperly sealed UnderfilledDefect Check ListFlowchart for Quality ImprovementProblem StatementThe Major complaints which were observed using Pareto analysis was of “Unacceptable Taste”as it contributes 31.4% to total complaints. So, Anne should focus on the problem of“Unacceptable Taste”.As the Pareto charts depicts, first three defects (Unacceptable taste, Missing Items &Spilled/Mixed) contribute 77% of total complaints.Identity MajorDefect(which areUnacceptable taste,Missing Items &Spilled) contributestotal 77%Improve quality andeliminate all possibledefects found.It Ultimately results ingreater customersatisfaction and betterquality.


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