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Project Brief: Charity Fundraising Event TitleBeyondblue Dinner DanceBackground and ContextCBSA is committed to the health and wellbeing of all of our staff. Mission statement CBSA is committed to providing employees with a safe, healthy and supportive environment in which to work. Organisational objectives for health and wellbeing CBSA will: Encourage employees to be more physically active by making provisions in the workplace for activity opportunities (including reducing sitting time where practical) Provide healthy eating choices in the workplace through addressing healthy physical settings, food supply and education Promote awareness of key health issues for employees (including social and emotional wellbeing) Encourage employees to provide input into health and wellbeing initiatives. As part of our annual community engagement plan, we hold a charitable event each year. This year, we would like to hold a fundraising event to raise money for an Australian charity- beyondblue to be held on the 10th of October. beyondblue provides information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live. For more information, visit: We would like to coincide the event with the world Mental Health Day on 10th October.ObjectiveTo raise $50,000 for beyondblueTarget OutcomesTo meet or exceed the $50,000 fundraising target Increased community and staff awareness surrounding mental health issuesHow will the success of the project be measured?Adherence to project timelines Timely resolution of issues Adherence to BudgetProject approachThe project will be completed in three phases: Phase 1 – Planning Phase 2 – Implementation and execution Phase 3 – CompletionGovernanceProject Officer: You must plan, implement and monitor the project Project Sponsor: Tina Hughes (Sales & Marketing Manager) will be responsible for all approvals Project Team: Abby Smith, Trey White and Adrian Russo will help plan and implement the project Reporting RequirementsProgress report sent to the project team via email fortnightly (at a minimum) Changes and amendments to the project updated in the project plan and documented in the version control log Final project report to be submitted no later than 10 days after project completionResourcesDocumentation Project management plan template which will include the following project management tools: Gantt chart for work breakdown structure and timelines Risk management templates Spreadsheet for budget Human resources Project team Staff volunteers (you will need to source) Financial $30,000 budget for expenses. Proposed expenses and revenue items include: Expenses: Personnel (entertainment, marketing and promotion) Production (venue, hospitality services, materials, equipment, security) Administration (insurance, stationary, photocopying, phone) Marketing and promotion (prizes, materials, advertisements) Revenue: Ticket sales Auction or raffle sales Financial donations Prize donationsIn scopePlanning and execution of opening/closing ceremonies and fundraising activities Planning and execution of all hospitality services Provision of music and entertainment Provision of on-site security at the event venue Providing appropriate media coverage, advertising and signage Securing alternative fundraising and in-kind sponsorships through sponsorship agency Provision of administration and finance functions to support the event Provision of beyondblue products and information materialsOut of scopeProvision of transportation to and from the dinner dance Provision of accommodation for attendeesStakeholdersProject team Project sponsor Beyondblue representative, Danish Singh AssumptionsThese assumptions will need to be refined, deleted, or new assumptions added as your planning progressed: Event will be conducted on the 10th of October from 6pm to 10pm All staff volunteers can work from 4pm to 11pm Project Scope once approved will not be modified Purchases and contracts will be executed in compliance with organisational policies and procedures The event will be completely run and managed by the project team Full support from Stakeholders and Sponsors Those involved in decision-making and issue resolution on the project will do so in a timely manner to prevent delays in the project timelines.ConstraintsList of all known constraints to the implementation of the event: Weather – Bad Weather may limit the number of participants on the day. Budget for additional services Insurances Ability to source sufficient number of staff volunteers Ability to source low-cost service providersMajor Risks & Minimisation StrategiesTo be determined once the risk analysis is completed.Issues ManagementSee project management procedure.Related ProjectsHealth and wellbeing program.Guidelines/StandardsTo ensure that the all projects are managed to an appropriate level of quality following methodologies and standards will be utilised: Project plan approval by Manager or Project sponsor Weekly progress reports Regular consultation with stakeholders, meeting minutes to be kept on file All project related information to be filed electronically The Project Officer must record all changes and amendments in the document change log located at the end of the project plan.Quality ControlThe Quality Philosophy for all projects undertaken in the organisation include: Working in partnership with stakeholders and utilising a consultative approach to ensure broad stakeholder support Effective processes to support arrangements for good governance and accountability Input from individuals with appropriate subject or technical expertise to ensure development of outputs that are fit for purpose Standards for output quality using workplace documentation and templatesCapturing the Lessons LearntLessons learnt must be included in the final project report. These will later be transferred into the lessons learnt log by administration.


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