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Contents Introduction Consumer decision making process Need recognition Search for information Evaluation of alternatives Purchasing decision Post purchase evaluation Conclusion References Introduction Consumer decision making process include five stages that represent how consumers become aware and look for their needs and requirements, how to collect information about a particular product and how the products are able to solve the needs of the consumer. Further, evaluation of alternative options available is done by consumers and the final purchase decision is been made by the consumer. The purpose of the report is to analyse consumer decision making process considering Amazon echo dot as the product chosen for the discussion. Consumer decision making process Need recognition This stage includes identifying and analysing the need and want for the selected product that is Amazon echo. Considering this first stage the need that is being identified by the consumer is making home as smart home and working with the smart products to enhance the lifestyle. The basic need is to control various products, and convert into smart home technology with technology enabled devices. Moreover, the needs and requirements also include demanding the task like controlling smart devices, playing music, making calls, sending and receiving messages, making list, setting alarms, gaining real-time information with the voice control technology. Search for information The next stage of consumer decision making process is looking for the alternative options. This includes sources of information where Amazon echo product information can be collected. The internal sources that acted as a source of information are word of mouth from close friends and family. Amazon is one of the popular and globally recognised brands, and a new product launch by such brand may need to hype and excitement among friends and family which acted as one of the internal sources of information of the product. However, the major impact is because of external sources that offer appropriate information about the product, increase and create desire to purchase a product. The external sources of information for echo. Include Amazon website, social media platforms, television advertisement, and publicity like newspapers and journal articles. For me, YouTube has been one of the important external sources of information that included offering all the features, review, 360° view, an additional way that the Alexa has been used by various social media bloggers and official page of Amazon. As presented the screenshot below, the marketing of the product acted as a major source of information that was used for decision to purchase the Amazon echo product. Figure 1: source (youtube, 2019) Figure 2: source (youtube, 2018) Evaluation of alternatives The third stage in consumer decision making process was evaluation of alternatives. Considering the need of the product, that is to create smart home, looking for artificial intelligence assistant that will be helpful for navigating various choices. There are various product categories available in today’s scenario, however two of the popular alternatives that I consider were Google assistant and Amazon echo dot. It has been identified that artificial intelligence assistants are increasingly enhancing the lifestyle of consumers, same with the case where I was looking for engaging with artificial intelligence like Google assistant or Alexa. Evaluating both the products that is Amazon echo and Google home, third party assistant has been helpful to study and evaluate both the products. Considering some of the basis for comparison of the two products, first one is price. The price of Amazon echo is around $99 whereas Google home is around one $29. Considering design as the second factor, I found Amazon echo to be better looking as compare to Google home. Amazon echo with squat cylindrical design around 6 inches high, however mini versions has also been introduced. The comparison is done on the basic initial Alexa. On the other hand Google home measure 5.6 inches with white swipe table fabric and metal basis. The below picture represents both the products, where I found Alexa to be more elegant (hbr, 2018). Considering voice control as another basis, Amazon echo have multiple wake word options, however only one female voice. On the other hand, Google home only has one wake word option however available voices are both male and female.  Considering music as another basis for comparison, both the devices were supporting Pandora, Spotify, and tuning. However, Amazon echo was also supporting Amazon music on the other hand Google home supports YouTube red and Google play music. Considering this feature, Google also allow us to upload on music library to its feature of Google cloud which acted as better opportunity to have music collection. However considering audio quality in music Amazon Alexa is offering cheap echo dot with a nice speaker that is of around 3.5 mm output (youtube, 2019).           Figure 3: source (in.pcmag, 2018) BasisAmazon EchoGoogle HomePrice$99$129FeatureAmazon musicGoogle cloudDesignElegant 6inch5.8 inchVoice controlMultiple wake word optionsOne wake word option Purchasing decision This stage includes analysing and identifying the available purchase methods and approach that lead to actual purchase for the consumers. Considering Amazon echo, the most appropriate purchase method was online. Amazon echo was not available offline, as it is original Amazon product that is offering through online website or mobile commerce of only. This may act as rigidity, as it was not available off-line, however it is appropriate and found ethical to purchase from Amazon application due to assurance of genuine product, warranty included and easy to purchase with online delivery. This state acted as purchase decision for Amazon echo, after evaluating the alternative and comparing both Google home and Amazon echo, I found Amazon echo to be more appropriate and useful for me to purchase within budget friendly product (Banerji, 2018).          Post purchase evaluation The last status post purchase evaluation that represent that after purchasing is been made, what is the consumer behaviour that include identifying the features of Amazon echo that also reduces the cognitive dissonance. For Amazon echo, the product found to be smart speakers that are developed by one of the popular brand that is Amazon. Amazon echo connect to the voice control approach with intelligent personal assistant service that is known as Alexa. The product respond with well Alexa is being called like Hello Alexa, Alexa and users may be able to also change the word to Amazon or computer or echo. Moreover the features that I found very attractive after purchasing the product one music playback, setting alarms, playing audio books, voice interaction, making to do list, streaming podcast, asking for traffic, weather or real-time information. Moreover it also controls various other smart devices like other speakers, Amazon lite, acting as a home automation hub. The speaker requires using Wi-Fi connection to internet and following the voice command.  The installation was quite easy, with all available information of light that is with a pamphlet along with online that is on YouTube by various bloggers (Chheda, 2019). Conclusion From the analysis of consumer purchase decision for Amazon echo, it can be concluded that the product initiated with the need and requirement of smart home devices, voice control activities, and looking for artificial intelligence assistant. This has completely change the lifestyle and it act as more of a desire for a consumer rather than just offering a needful act. The second stage included looking for the information of the product, which was quite convenient with the Amazon website, social media platforms, YouTube channels, and YouTube advertisement, YouTube bloggers that acted as unboxing or offering features of the product. The two alternatives I consider to solve the needs and wants from the product was Google home assistant and Amazon echo. The alternatives were evaluated on the basis of price, voice command, technology, features and design. This leads to purchase decision from the Amazon online website.    References Banerji, J., 2018. Impact of digital marketing on consumer behaviour. Mangalmay Journal of Management & Technology, 8(1), pp.65-71. Chheda, R., 2019. DIGITAL MARKETING AND ITS IMPACT ON CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR. Advance and Innovative Research, p.254. hbr, 2018. marketing-in-the-age-of-alexa. 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