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Choose ONE of the costing systems studied in this unit from the list below, and answer thequestions that follow:• Job Costing• Process Costing• Operation Costing (Hybrid Costing)• Activity-based Costing (ABC)Questions:1. Briefly discuss the features of your chosen costing system. (3 marks)2. Identify 2 specific Australian companies that your chosen costing system is suitable for, and explain why.(3 marks)3. Discuss two potential uses of the cost information for decision-making, to the managers in each of the 2organisations selected in Q2 above. (3 marks)Part BChoose one peer reviewed journal article (from any country) on the: Use of your chosen costing system in areal-life organisation (i.e. a case-based empirical study). The article should be published between 2005 –2020. Choose your article only after you have accessed and reviewed several relevant articles, and thenchoose the best article that will answer the questions below.Questions:1. Based on your chosen costing article, briefly summarise how the costing system was designed andimplemented in your real-life organisation. (3 marks)2. Based on your chosen costing article, did the costing system in the study satisfy the features discussed inPart A (Q1)? Why or why not? Include examples in your answer from your costing article. (5 marks)3. Based on your chosen costing article, how useful was the cost information to the internal users in theorganisation? Discuss with examples from your costing article. (5 marks)4. Based on your literature findings, state two key lessons that would inform contemporary organisationsabout the practical use of your chosen costing system. (5 marks)


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