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TOPIC :Exploring Colour theory and colour psychology through the prism of culture and how culturedependant colour sensitivity impacts human responses to immersive art.RESEACH QUESTION :Does cultural conditioning influence human responses to colour in installation interactive art?INTRODUCTION :Colour is not a separate and distinct field of study, rather it is a vast and complex area, touchingalmost all fields from the sciences to the arts. The way colour is perceived is highly objective andvaries dramatically between each individual. Therefore, an understanding of colour, the effects itcan have upon audience response and the many ways in which its perception can be recognised isintegral in the creation of art. The purpose of this dissertation is to probe Colour Theory and itsimpact on human responses to Installation Immersive Art. The dissertation will be initiated bylooking at what Colour Theory is and the manner in which human responses to colour areessentially a function of diverse factors like culture, social practices or the physiological realities ofa given population. To maintain the clarity of research variables and focus, I would concentrate onlyon the impacts of the cultural factor as a causal variable and assume all other causal factors(physiological/biological response, social practices etc.) as constant. The dissertation will thereafterprogress to define the idea of ‘immersive art’ as the object of emotional stimulation and response.To further my central research idea, I will look at how Colour Theory is specifically applied toInstallation Immersive Art in order to evoke psychological responses to colour; specificallyinvestigating how cultural conditioning creates a diverse array of individualistic emotionalresponses to colour within the context of ‘Interactive Installation art’.


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