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HOLMES INSTITUTEFACULTY OFHIGHER EDUCATION HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020 Assessment Details and Submission GuidelinesTrimesterT3 2020Unit CodeHI5002Unit TitleFinance for BusinessAssessment TypeGroup AssignmentAssessment TitleResearch on Financial market and Capital Budgeting AnalysisPurpose of theassessment (withULO Mapping)Students are enrolled a group up to 4 members to study, undertake research, analyseand conduct academic work within the topics of financial management from week 1 toweek 9 (ULO 1, 2, 3 and 4).Weight40 % of the total assessmentsTotal Marks40Word limit3,000 words ± 500Due DateFinal Submission of Group Assignment: Week 10, Sunday 7 February 2021, 11:59 pmSubmissionGuidelines• All work must be submitted on Blackboard by the due date along with completedassignment cover page. Template of assignment cover page is provided in theassignment link. Make sure all information required by the cover page is providedto avoid a penalty.• The assignment must be in MS Word format, no spacing, 12-pt Arial font and 2 cmmargins on all four sides of your page with appropriate section headings and pagenumbers. Excel file, PDF file and other Black Board unsupported files are given zeromark.• Reference sources must be cited in the text of the report, and listed appropriatelyat the end in a reference list using Harvard referencing style.• Submitted work should be your original work showing your genuine engagement inthis unit. Evidence of your original work (allocation of tasks, discussion, fileexchanges, drafts, etc.) need to be presented in the records of your group work inGroup Blogs, available in Group Tools in your Group for Group Assignment. Yourassignment WILL NOT BE MARKED without the evidence of your group work.• Students need to read and understand the Holmes Academic Integrity Policy beforethey start any assessment to ensure that your assignment is misconduct free.(Please refer section 4.3 Guide to Academic Integrity p 27 of the Holmes StudentHandbook and read Six Categories of Academic Integrity Breaches at the end ofassignment carefully).• Three (3) attempts of submission are allowed for checking similarity and finalsubmission. Only final submission is marked. As a guide similarity score of over 50%is considered as excessive plagiarism except in the cases where the similarity iscaused by the use of template provided by the lecturers, specific types ofassignment, references or sources of data. Please note that it takes 48 hours for theself-check report to be available for your viewing. Please also note that fact findingsand working at same case study project evaluation assignment like this one mayyield higher than 50% similarity. Therefore, do not panic and send emails to yourlecturers and Unit Coordinator about high similarity after your submission if your Page 2 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020 work is genuine. Markers and Unit Coordinator will look at details of the similarityreport and ensure a proper marking without any bias on that threshold 50%.• When you submit your assignment electronically, please save the file as ‘GroupAssignment- your group name.doc’. You are required to submit the assignment atBlackboard/Assessments/Group Assignment Information/Group Assignment andSubmission Link. Always keep an electronic copy of your original file until you havereceived the final grade for the Unit. Please make sure that you submit the correctfile in the correct format that is readable in Black Board. ANY APPEAL RELATING TOSUBMITTING WRONG FILES AND WRONG FORMAT AFTER THE DEADLINE WILLNOT BE CONSIDERED. ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATIONSAssignment TasksThis assignment task is a written report that include 3 parts:Part 1: Research and fact finding on Australian financial products.Part 2: Fact finding of investment analysis tools in Australia.Part 3: Capital Budgeting and Project Evaluation.To complete the assignment, groups are recommended to obtain data and information from relevantweb sites, especially websites of Australia Stock Exchange: www.asx.com.au; Australian Securitiesand Investment Commission: https://asic.gov.au/ for their research and fact finding. Using secondarydata (researches done by others) for fact findings in Pat 1 and Part 2 is NOT RECOMMENDED and willbe PENALISED. Please also note: group assignment for HI5002 is DIFFERENT every trimester. Attemptto submit a PREVIOUS TRIMESTER ASSIGNMENT or A WRONG ASSIGNMENT will be graded as ZERO(0) mark without any consideration for resubmission.Page 3 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020Assignment Requirements:The assignment should cover the structure and contents described below.IntroductionA Brief introduction of your group’s work: the purpose of assignment, key findings and structure ofthe assignment (not more than 300 words)Part 1. Research and Fact finding of Australian Financial ProductsVisit the website of Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) to find information about at least ten financialproducts that are publicly traded on the market and fill in the below table: Name andnature of theproductWhat is the income from investment inthis productWhat are the risks involved in theinvestment in this product Your answers can include the information gathered from fact finding completed in the ASX websiteand research about financial markets and financial products.Part 2. Fact finding of Investment Analysis Tools in AustraliaYou are required to go to Online Portal of ASX, read the materials of two education courses offeredby ASX about fundamental analysis and technical analysis and answer the following questions:2.1. Fundamental Analysisa. What is fundamental analysis?b. What are you trying to learn about a company with fundamental analysis?c. What kind of information from a company’s annual reports is useful for your investment?d. Why dividend per share and dividend yield can be useful for investors to appraise financialcondition of a company given the limitations of financial ratio analysis?2.2. Technical Analysisa. What is technical analysis?b. What are the three types of charts applying for Technical Assistance?c. What are uptrend, down trend and how to recognize a change of trend?d. What are the resistance and support lines?e. What is moving average? What does it tell investors?Note that this is fact finding question and all the information need to be taken from the providedsource (ASX website). Penalty is applied for secondary data (literature review, research or articledone by someone else). However, note that you need to read the course material to getinformation and use your own wordings to rephrase it, then make a proper intext citation andreferences to the ASX sources. High similarity index showing the source of ASX with properreferences is FINE but copy and paste the content of the courses is plagiarism.Page 4 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020The links for your fact finding are: View our Education Course on Fundamental Analysis and View ourEducation Course on Technical AnalysisPart 3: Capital Budgeting and Project EvaluationCase Study: Assume that the company, where you are working as a team in Financial Department,is considering a potential project with a new product. It will require the company to buy a newequipment that will generate the same revenue for the company each year. The table below showsthe initial and annual costs for each option.3.1. Capital Budgeting Decision Making: Perform capital budgeting technique based on EquivalentAnnual Cost (EAC) to advise the Company Management which option should be chosen if therelevant discount rate is 9%? CostsOption AOption BInitial Investment1,400,0001,500,000Year 135,00025,000Year 235,00025,000Year 335,00025,000Year 435,00025,000Year 525,000 3.2. Risk Analysis and Project evaluation:Assume that the company finally chose Option B. It expects to sell 600,000 units of the new productfor an average price of $15 per unit. The Equipment in Option B has a residual value of $300 000 atthe end of the project. The company will need to add $ 750 000 in working capital which is expectedto be fully retrieved at the end of the project. Other information is available below:Depreciation method: straight lineVariable cost per unit: $10.5Cash fixed costs per year: $25 000Discount rate: 9%Tax Rate: 30%Upon consideration of unexpected economic conditions, the company management requires yourTeam to prepare a risk analysis to evaluate the outcome of potential project when the values driversof the project changes by 20%.Required: identify the value drivers of the project cash flows, do a sensitivity analysis and providethe management with a sensitive analysis report which shows how net present value (NPV) wouldchange with 20% change in the value drivers.Assignment Preparation guideline/ Important Note: Students are recommended to attendInteractive Tutorial Session Week 8 (topic 6) and Week 9 (Topic 7) for training on how to do the groupassignment with correct capital budgeting technique, proper format, structure, calculation tablesand terminologies. Assignments with different templates, terminologies and calculations from thePage 5 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020solution templates and guidance provided to you in the sessions will be investigated as potentialcontract cheater done assignments.ConclusionSummarize / Reflection the outcomes of your group’s works (not more than 300 words)Page 6 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020Marking criteria Marking criteriaWeighting1. Research and Fact Finding of Australian Financial Products10%2. Fact Finding of Investment Analysis Tools in Australia2.1. Fundamental Analysis6%2.2. Technical Analysis6%3. Capital Budgeting and Project Evaluation3.1. Capital Budgeting Decision Making6%3.2. Risk Analysis and Project evaluation10%4. Academic Writing: Presentation, structure and academic writing2%Total weight of written report40% Academic IntegrityHolmes Institute is committed to ensuring and upholding Academic Integrity, as Academic Integrity is integralto maintaining academic quality and the reputation of Holmes’ graduates. Accordingly, all assessment tasksneed to comply with academic integrity guidelines. Table 1 identifies the six categories of Academic Integritybreaches. If you have any questions about Academic Integrity issues related to your assessment tasks, pleaseconsult your lecturer or tutor for relevant referencing guidelines and support resources. Many of theseresources can also be found through the Study Sills link on Blackboard.Academic Integrity breaches are a serious offence punishable by penalties that may range from deduction ofmarks, failure of the assessment task or unit involved, suspension of course enrolment, or cancellation ofcourse enrolment.Table 1: Six categories of Academic Integrity breaches PlagiarismReproducing the work of someone else without attribution. When a studentsubmits their own work on multiple occasions this is known as selfplagiarism.CollusionWorking with one or more other individuals to complete an assignment, in away that is not authorised.CopyingReproducing and submitting the work of another student, with or withouttheir knowledge. If a student fails to take reasonable precautions to preventtheir own original work from being copied, this may also be considered anoffence.ImpersonationFalsely presenting oneself, or engaging someone else to present as oneself,in an in-person examination.Contract cheatingContracting a third party to complete an assessment task, generally inexchange for money or other manner of payment.Data fabrication andfalsificationManipulating or inventing data with the intent of supporting falseconclusions, including manipulating images. Source: INQAAHE, 2020Page 7 of 7HI5002 Finance for Business Group Assignment T3 2020Faculty of Higher EducationGroup Assignment Cover Sheet Unit CodeUnit NameGroupDue Date DeclarationComplete this and attach as a front cover sheet to your Blackboard submission, We certifythat:1. This assignment is our own work. We have acknowledged and disclosed anyassistance received in its preparation and cited all sources from which data, ideas, words(whether quoted directly or paraphrased) were taken, where it is applicable2. This assignment was prepared specifically for this unit only.3. The reference list is truthful and accurate and in Harvard referencing style. Student name andIDCampus andInteractive TutorialGroup NumberLecturerWhich section(s) dideach person work onContribution(%)


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