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PROJ5002 Project Management Principles Additional information for the Assessment 2: Workbook WEEK 4 Work Breakdown Structure to be used in Week 4 Updated WBS, including time estimates to be used in activity 4.1. Please do NOT go back to week 3 and change your estimates there based on this table. Simply use this table going forward in the following activities. Estimates in this table are optimized for crashing the project plan, not to reflect the best/most realistic time estimate. When you crash the project you can change the resources assigned to an activity, however in this case the dependencies will remain the same to limit/simplify your options. WBS CodeNamePredecessor(s)Duration (hrs)2Purchase supplies 83Shutters  3.1Repair shutters243.2Paint shutters3.123.3Hang shutters3.224Porch  4.1Repair porch284.2Paint porch4.145Floor  5.1Repair floor285.2Sand floor5.145.3Refinish (paint) floor5.286Painting  6.1Paint ceilings586.2Paint doors6.146.3Paint interior walls6.286.4Paint exterior walls2, 3 & 487Windows  7.1Wash exterior windows2, 4.2 & 6.487.2Wash interior windows2, 6.387.3Hang curtains2, 6.2, 7.238Project completion   The crash parameters to be used for activity 4.1 Crash parameters The initial limitation was that only one person could perform a task at a time. To improve for time you are now allowed to have Apprentice II accompany you. By adding Apprentice II, who has the same skill set as you, the time estimated for that task is reduced by 50%. The cost however logically increases with $40 per hour. For example, if Apprentice II helps you to hang the curtains, and you had estimated that to take 3 hours, you can now do that task in 1.5 hours, at the cost of $40 per hour. The Contractor also has a son who is planning to become a carpenter, and is involved in a pre-apprenticeship Workplace Learning Program. Allowing the contractor’s son to assist his father is a good learning opportunity for him, but comes at the additional cost of $25 per hour. The work in turn can be completed 25% faster. For example, if repairing the wooden floor was estimated at 8hrs of work, it can be completed in 6hrs at the total cost of $900. Lastly, both apprentices can work together as well, as Apprentice II can learn from Apprentice I. As they make a good team together, they can cut the time of each task in half. Please keep in mind, it is up to you how many activities you crash, none, all, or any number in between. The only task that cannot be crashed is the shopping on day 1 The full crash parameters are displayed in the table below: ResourcesOriginal Cost per hourCrash TimeCrash Cost per hourYou$ 0.00n/an/aContractor$ 125.00n/an/aApprentice I$ 60.00n/an/aApprentice II$ 40.00n/an/aYou and Apprentice IIn/a50%$ 40.00Apprentice I and Apprentice IIn/a50%$ 100.00Contractor and his sonn/a25%$ 150.00 I know some of the crash parameters may seem unrealistically optimistic. They have been chosen to make sure you will be able to finish the project within the parameters, and with room to further optimize it.


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