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PROJ5002 Workbook Rubric Each section of the Workbook is allocated a certain number of marks, with the total adding up to 400, pro-rated to equal a score out of 40. In addition, each criterion is assessed based on the degree of sophistication demonstrated. The number of points for each section is: 1Topic 1: Project Management Introduction, Charter and kick-offMax Score1.1Project Selection Prioritization Matrix81.2Scope Overview (word limit: 150)81.3Milestone Schedule and Deliverables81.4Initial Risk Identification121.5Resources Required81.6Initial Stakeholder Identification121.7Team Operating Principles81.8Lessons Learned121.9Commitment42Topic 2: Communication plan, WBS, and RACI 2.1Stakeholder Prioritization Matrix202.2Project Communications Matrix202.3Work Breakdown Structure202.4The RACI chart203Topic 3: Time management and Cost Management 3.1AoN83.2Time estimation83.2.1Time estimation – Enumeration method123.2.2Time estimation – Two Pass method123.3Critical path83.4Resource Loading123.5Gantt chart83.6Resources and cost to activity124Topic 4: Progress reporting scope change, and crashing 4.1Crashing your project  AoN (two-pass, including resources)24 Gantt chart36 Budget graph205Topic 5: Risk management, and Quality management 5.1Risk identification I85.2Risk identification II325.3Risk identification III205.4Quality tools20   Total points400 The number of points awarded to each criterion is as follows: not meet criterionMeets criterion at a very basic levelMeets criterion in such a way to demonstrate practical understandingMeets criterion in a way that demonstrates comprehensive understandingMeets criterion in a way that demonstrate sophisticated understanding


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