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The purpose of this assignment is to help familiarize you with the world of project management. Write a four-page double-spaced paper (OK, fine. If you want to single space, go ahead.)Deductions for short, {less than 3 pages} or long {more than 5 pages} papers. 12 pt font. 1-inch margins. If you have to have a title, put it in the top margin. No other headers/title information should be on this paper other than page numbering. Since you are submitting it in Blackboard, I know the date, your name, the class, etc. Don’t waste valuable space by including this information or I will deduct. You will quickly find out that I treat this class as a business. If you follow the guidelines and rubrics you will be very successful here and in business. After all, this class is designed to get you ready to enter the business world with all your newly acquired knowledge.Ensure you have an introduction, at least one paragraph per paper/website (9 paragraphs) and a conclusion. Be sure to cite references for the articles using the APA 6 reference style. (Reminder: references are NOT included in page counts.)Review PMI’s Web siteReview some of the links to project management sites from the author’s website   – you will have to review the links.5 => Visit at least five other sites related to project management (in addition to and => Read at least two articles. Make sure the articles have an author and date and were written in or after 2014. 3. Some things you may want to include: What you learned about project management in generalWhat you thought of PMI and the Author’s site, mostly in terms of content & helpful linksWhat you thought of the other sites you visited (list the 5 sites and summarize likes and dislikes of each)A brief summary of and your opinion about the two articles you read Just a short writing review for those who are out of practice: Use to check your work. It is free. Use it. I will when grading your work.A great source to cite your sources and references in APA can be found in Purdue Owl’s website. Cite in the paper where you mention the source and at the end in a References list. Failure to cite is academic misconduct per UCA policy.All forms of communication have an introduction, body, and conclusion.Introductions are short and capture the reader’s interest to convince them to read the rest. The end of the introduction lets the reader know in what order they will read the “body” topics.The body has a new paragraph for each thought. In this case, for each of your sources. So you will have 9 paragraphs in your body.A conclusion is what most people will read right after they read your introduction. If the introduction captured their attention they will read your conclusion to see if the paper is really interesting enough to read the entire paper. In this case, what is the big deal about Project Management? What did you learn from all your reading?You may find it hard to get all of this onto just 4 double spaced pages. Be succinct.References go on a new page and are not included in the page count.


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