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Develop a risk briefing report. Review the case study information provided to you, as well as the company’s risk management policy and procedures to determine the scope of the risk management process required. Use the internet to search for relevant information on risk management standards. You should also review the recent Team Meeting Minutes on the business expansion project to inform your report. Use the Risk Briefing Report Template to guide your work. Your report will be sent to the CEO for initial feedback and then you will meet with your team to brainstorm further risks associated with the business expansion project. Your report should include the following: ? Introduction, including the purpose of the risk analysis ? The scope of the risk management process, any risks that may apply to the scope, and objectives and critical success factors for the area included in the scope ? An outline of the risk management process as per the organisation’s policy and procedures, as well as how the organisation’s process aligns with the risk management standards as identified in the link provided to you. ? A PESTLE analysis identifying the key factors that impact on the environment in which Nature Care Products operates and their relevance to the risk management process. You should also use this analysis to identify important factors that may influence consumer needs and desires as part of analysis of external stakeholders, as well as to inform the key risks you identify below. ? You are also required to identify at least five risks identified with the expansion, and at least one potential risk treatment option for each of the risks you identify. ? Identification and analysis of internal and external stakeholders and the issues they may have that are likely to impact on the risk management process. ? An analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s existing retail approach namely, online and through health food shops.


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