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STORYBOADING – TLH251 RESEARCH METHODS The Research Methods module is a preparation and cultivation of skills needed by the students to accomplish a research project. The students will learn the fundamentals and will explore the basic framework of the Research Skills working on areas of the Research Onion regarding types of Research, research objectives, aims and questions, about Research methodologies and tools, regarding research philosophies. The module will be assessed based on a report standing as research proposal. This module will introduce concepts and philosophies, tools and approaches regarding the development of a research project. The students will be capable to research independently on research topics and to suggest a research proposal of their interest. The topics discussed will cover areas like the following: Introduction and Principles of research design and fieldwork;preparation for fieldwork; the health and safety implications of working in the field;the philosophical underpinnings of quantitative and qualitative methods;participant observation and ethnographic method; interviewing and focus groups; group interviews and focus groups;positionality, situated knowledge and reflexivity; reflexive research practice;qualitative data analysis; grounded theory; software packages for qualitative and quantitative analysis; questionnaire surveys; statistical principles, concepts and terminology; descriptive and inferential statistics; parametric and non-parametric statistics; correlation and regression;visual research methods, semiotics and iconography; photographic and video research methods; discourse, textual and content analysis; working with archival materials;conceptualizing the archive; accessing the field/archive; writing up research;some guidance and advice on issues to consider in the presentation of research materials; representing research respondents / subjects; scientific and social scientific styles of writing; Progress files and personal development planning.


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