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1 Module Title:Web and Mobile TechnologiesModule Code:B9IS124Module Leader:Ehtisham YasinStage (if relevant):9Assessment Title:Develop a hybrid mobile applicationAssessment Number (if relevant):2Assessment Type:PracticalRestrictions on Time/Length : +/- 10%N/AIndividual/Group:IndividualAssessment Weighting:70%Issue Date:15/12/2020Hand In Date:19/01/2021 (11:59pm)Planned Feedback Date:4 weeks after submissionMode of Submission:Online via Moodle Students must submit their assignments on Moodle.Assignment Objectives:1. To develop a hybrid mobile applicationDetails of assignment briefFor this assessment you have to build a mobile application for a business of your choice.Your mobile application should be built using several familiar web technologies such asHTML5, CSS and Javascript and then seamlessly deploy it to platforms such as iOS, Android,and Windows Phone. This application should be touch friendly and provide actualfunctionality which users can take advantage of. You are allowed to use a UI framework likejQuery Mobile, Sencha Touch, Kendo UI or any other platforms discussed in the module.The application must be implemented for at least one of the following platforms:• iOS• Android• Windows PhoneNOTE: Your project must be your work. It is not enough to simply follow an online tutorial oranother submission where your contribution cannot be validated. Your project idea must beunique.2Assessment Task (100 Marks) – Weighting (70%)Your assessment will be assessed based on the following components:• A completed hybrid mobile application, using the technologies discussed in thelectures. This must have all the necessary configurations and folder structures(20 Marks)• Include at least TWO appropriate plugins in your mobile app available from theplugin repositories discussed in the class. Examples of the plugins could be:o Geolocationo Camerao Device Orientationo Vibrationo Contactso File ManagerThe plugins listed above are just a sample of those available. You should include pluginsthat are appropriate for your application and its purpose. The splash screen would notcount for this requirement.(24 Marks)• Add a Splash Screen to your app suitable for your chosen platform(12 Marks)• Add icons to you app suitable for your chosen platform(12 Marks)• Using the frameworks discussed in the class, prepare a build for the mobileapplication platform that you’ve chosen. Deploy and test the resulting build file onan actual device or an emulator(22 Marks)• The application should be user friendly, consistent, error free and touch friendlywhen installed on a mobile platform or viewed on an emulator(10 Marks)Instructions for Submission• Create a folder named with the module code, and include your student number e.g.ModuleCode_StudentNumber• Include the final version of code (before build), and the resulting build file• Compress your folder into .zip and submit using moodle link3Assessment Criteria: Criteria/Mark


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