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24/11/20201Developing MobileAppsWeb and Mobile TechnologiesLecture 61ObjectivesCONCEPTDEVELOPMENTOUTLINING THEAPPDESIGNCONSIDERATIONAND PLATFORMSBUDGETDEVELOPMENTPROGRAMMING GRAPHIC DESIGN SUBMISSION,APPROVAL, ANDUPDATESCOMMONPITFALLS2Concept Development324/11/20202Identifying thePurpose ofthe App– What will the app do?– Specify the minimumfunctionality. Will the appperform a specific taskand/or deliver information?– Most apps do one thing,and do it well.– Avoid overly complexfunctionality.Example: “The Instagram” appprovides a platform to share yourphotography with others. Userssubmit text andphotographs/videos, and otherscan like, comment on, and sharethe photographs/videos4Identifyingthe IntendedUsers of theApp– Who will use the app?– What is the target audience?– Is the app free or for payment?Example: Users of “The Instagram” app include: Actors,Singers, Thought Leaders, Businesses, Professionals,Students, and others. To date, there are over a billionusers who use Instagram5Different typesof Audiences– Children– Adults– Various levels of Education– Various levels of Expertise– Types of Devices: Android vs iPhone– Localisation: Language, Translations, etc.Your app and its design should appeal to andserve your target audience: appears, colours,functions, and tasks624/11/20203Specify thedevice(s) towhich the appwill bedeliveredWeb App vs NativeAppPhones vs TabletsiPhone vs AndroidThe choices madewill determine, theframework, and theprogramminglanguages used toimplement the app7The App API– In a multi-platform, multi-screen world, it’s important tostart with an API– The API will be shared amongst various versions of theapp to provide the app functionality– Google Cloud Endpoints, Amazon API Gateway, etc.provide a platform to deploy your API8Google CloudEndpoints924/11/20204Amazon API Gateway10Memory andSpaceConsiderationsApp size is limited only by the spacelimited on a deviceThere’s no recommended size for the apps11Name theApp– The app name should accurately reflect the function ofthe app– The app name should be unique, if possible, and notreplicate the names of other apps1224/11/20205Outlining the App13Draft Step Chart– Create a draft step chart: Identifyeach thing the app will do, in a stepby step list14Draft PageChart– Create a draft page chart: Sketch and compose theappearance of various pages1524/11/20206Draft Page Chart16Draft Page Chart17Graphics andNavigation Buttons– Specify the graphics and navigationbuttons needed for the app1824/11/20207Output andCalls– Specify the output and calls19Design Considerations20DesignConsiderationsDesign the app for fingers (not for mouse)44 x 44 pixels for buttons6 buttons max per width of screen (phone)Text Inputs: Keep text inputs to minimum, if possibleText Outputs: Keep the text outputs to minimum, unless the appis primarily designed to deliver information2124/11/20208Budget Development22BudgetDevelopmentHow much will it cost todevelop the app?– Personal vs ContractDevelopment– By Hour or By Project CostsExample: If an applicationdevelopment takes about 80hours, at an average hourlyrate of €150 in Ireland, thiswill cost us about €12,000 forone app, and €24,000 for bothiOS and Android combined23Programming2424/11/20209ProgrammingSelf Programmed vsContractedPeople with noprogramming experiencewill generally opt forcontracted programmingLanguage Choices iOS:SwiftObjective C orAndroid:JAVA Alternatives Hybrid or HTML525Native, HTML5, andHybrid Apps26Native MobileApplications– Multi touch– Fast graphics API– Fluid animation– Built-in components– Ease of use– Documentation2724/11/202010HTML5 MobileApplications– Easy to Implement– One application for all platforms– No additional programming skills needed on topof web development– CSS3 and jQuery Animations– Media Queries to support various device sizes28Hybrid MobileApplications– Primarily built using HTMLand JavaScripts– Wrapped inside a nativecontainer29Graphic Design3024/11/202011AppearanceAppearance of the app is very importantand should be one of the High Priority itemswhen doingGraphic Design is best done professionallyOpt for a design that can be implementedfor a wide range of devices instead of adifferent design for each device31Considerations– Colours and Theme– Art– Text (size, colour, font)– Layout– Balance– Layering32Graphic Design3324/11/202012GraphicDesign34Submission, Approval,and Updates35SubmissionGet a developer account for the respectiveplatformYou need to create certificates and tokensto verify the identity of your applicationsApple allows testing using TestFlight, whileAndroid allows you to install debug buildsdirectly on your devices3624/11/202013ApprovalThe approval time for the submission willvary depending upon the platformApple submissions generally take about 24-48 hours for an approvalAndroid approvals might take about 24hours for an approval for a submission37Updates– You need to factor in the time of approval for app updates– You will need to update SDK versions for your applicationsto cater for newer releases of the OS– Apple will take as much time as initial approval for theupdates– Android updates however are almost instantaneous38Common Pitfalls3924/11/202014CommonPitfalls– Test your application for all intended devices(Environments, Menus, and Appearances differ onvarious devices)– Have a clear idea of what the app will do– Develop the flow of processes clearly and precisely– Ensure that you prepare for eventualities40Questions?41


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