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1. In the context of designing a training and development program for an organization, which of the following is the next step after conducting a needs analysis?  2. Which of the following statements is true of internal recruiting?  3. Which of the following statements is true of an executive search firm?  4. Benevolence, a charity organization, wants to hire welfare officers who will interact with representatives of the public. Apart from the right qualifications and experience, the candidate must be cooperative and altruistic to be able to perform the job well. Which of the big five personality traits is Benevolence seeking? 5. In the context of employee training and development , which of the following is the most common method of implementing a work-based program?  6. In the context of the evaluation of training programs, the best way to ensure that changes have occurred because of training and not just the passage of time is to: 7. In the context of basic selection criteria, the amount of time an individual may have spent working in either a general capacity or a particular field of study is called _____ 8. Which of the following refers to the process of looking within the organization for existing qualified employees who might be promoted to higher-level positions?  9. In the context of employment decisions that organizations make , which of the following is the second step in the selection process? 10. Which of the following statements is true of external recruiting? 


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