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below is the homework and attached is an exampled plus the spreadsheet the hw answers go into Complete the following problems. For assistance, you may want to refer to these examples: Week 06 Example Problems.docDownload the Week 06 Excel Problems spreadsheetto use in completing your problems. There are four separate worksheets within the workbook, one for each problem. Select the proper tab to complete each assignment. You will need to complete all yellow shaded cells.Listed below is the current data for ABC Company: ABC CompanyBalance SheetDecember 31, 20xx AssetsLiabilities and EquityCash$10,000,000Accounts Payable$20,000,000Accounts Receivable250,000,000Long-term debt400,000,000Inventory120,000,000Common Stock ($10 par, 1,000,000 outstanding)10,000,000Plant and Equipment325,000,000Paid-in capital90,000,000  Retained Earnings185,000,000Total$705,000,000Total$705,000,000 The current price of a stock is $58 per share. Required: Construct a balance sheet after a two for one stock split. What will be the new price of the stock? (Problem 1 tab)Construct a balance sheet after a 5% stock dividend. What is the new price of the stock? (Problem 2 tab)Construct a balance sheet after a one for two reverse stock split. What is the new price of the stock? (Problem 3 tab)Construct a balance sheet after a $3 per share cash dividend. What is the total cash dividend? (Problem 4 tab)


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