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Joanne just celebrated her 50thbirthday and knows that she should probably see her physician for a physical. She’s generally in good health, but has been experiencing some odd symptoms lately. Joanne has been experiencing mild to moderate headaches once or twice a week, usually in the morning hours. She feels that her mental acuity “isn’t what it used to be” and forgets the day of the week occasionally. Her husband often complains that she has the TV too loud, but Joanne thinks it’s a normal volume. She has noticed that her feet and toes are colder and she has to wear socks and slippers around the house to be comfortable.A few nights a week, she wakes up in the middle of the night with tingling and numbness in her right hand. Joanne works at a desk all day and she notices a sharp, and sometimes throbbing, pain in her feet bilaterally after a long workday. She was thinking that her symptoms were just part of aging, but wonders if it could be abnormal. She has no history of major trauma, alcoholism, cancer, or inherited diseases. How might Joanne’s lower extremity symptoms be related to her job? Briefly describe how ergonomics might be related to the pathophysiology she is experiencing.


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