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Master of Business Administration (MBA) Individual Assessment on Financial Management Module 3Project Management.Length of Assessment2 WeeksFacilitatorMr. Adewale Alagbe. Mr. John Ebinum.Mr. Mahendra.Percentage of final grade given80%InstructionYou are expected to demonstrate your knowledge on Financial Management and should include critical overview of theories and models used in drawing up your answers. “Section A” QUESTION 1 Jim has just been appointed as the project manager of an infrastructural development project. Being a project he had always wanted to manage, his joy knew no bounds and with much enthusiasm, he felt there was no need to waste time planning. Remembering that the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) is an important tool when planning a project, he immediately downloaded a template to use on the project. With this, he decomposed the project to work packages and was already sweating out to define the activities in each work package when a more experienced project manager saw him and engaged him in a discussion of how his approach might not yield the intended results. What did Jim do wrong?If the more experienced project manager were to highlight the benefits of using a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to Jim, what are the likely benefits he will mention? QUESTION 2 A friend has constantly been complaining of the challenges being faced in getting the resources to work on his project. You decided to host him to a breakfast meeting on a weekend at Eko Hotel & Suites in Victoria Island so you could have time to discuss extensively. He could not even wait to be served before he started sharing with you how this matter had cost him sleepless nights. As he was talking, you figured his relationship with the Finance Director who is the budget owner has not been very cordial. Politely, you interjected the conversation to know what could have gone wrong and he retorted by saying: “Don’t mind her! I will let her know that I have more power than her in this company. I know all her actions are intentional. She is the cause and everyone knows.” In what type of organizational structure do you think your friend is working and who has more power, especially on the resources?What are some of the pros and cons of working in this kind of project environment? QUESTION 3 You have just been provided a graphic summary report of the outcome of a project:


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