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PRELIMINARY MARKETING PLAN ASSIGNMENT This assignment requires that you select a company that sells a product that you are familiar with and then base your answers on the chosen company and the chosen product. You are required to develop a marketing plan for your chosen product using secondary data you have researched. In the plan you should include: Introduction Short background of the company its mission and visionProducts and Services being offered by the company. – description of the product portfolio and the specific product of your choice. Outline the marketing objectives of your chosen product. (10 marks) Target market analysis Describe in detail the profile   of the target market for your chosen productExplain the type of demand which is associated with that market (use the various demand states). JustifyThe general needs in the market and how the product is meeting those needs (10 marks) Micro and macro environmental analysis Explain the most macro environmental actors which will affect the marketing strategy and justify why they are critical.Explain the most critical micro environmental actors which will affect the marketing strategy and justify why they are critical. (40 marks) Marketing strategy Describe in detail the marketing mix strategy (4Ps or 7Ps) and how you will blend it to suit the marketing objectives. (20 marks)Describe any Two growth strategies that the company can use to grow the product market share.  (Use Ansoff matrix, integrative or BCG matrix based strategies) (10 marks)Explain the segmentation criteria to be used for the company to suit the market needs (10 marks) N: B You have to gather information on the company using sources such as the financial press, company websites, journals ,books etc. Remember to provide a list of resources used/accessed at the end of the assignment.


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