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I am a finance and accounting student this is my undergrad 3rd year ,I have a 6000 words dissertation due end of March I believe the 30th March I will double Check but they are also planning to extend the submission due to students demands of the extension it might therefore end up being mid April which give us more time . I have written about 3400 words by myself I can send my work if needed , but my supervisor does not seem to be satisfied and not really helping me by telling me what to improve it has been really frustrating me as it is my undergraduate Dissertation it weights 40percent of  my degree I was literally crying to a friend because it not easy for me too English not being my first language and writing such an important paper requires good knowledge of the language my friend then advised me to seek for help as it is that important he helped me and found your website which he advised me . I  really need your help , dissertation is all new to me if I can have someone to write it to have  a good grade and I can focus on my exam a little bit more that would mean the world to me . the dissertation requires datas with analyses to support the literature review  (simple OLS regression ) would that be possible ? my Dissertation Topic is : An investigation into Gender Inequality in the Labour Market in the UK The dissertation should answer these questions  What type of inequalities do women in the UK face in the labour market?  Why do women face these inequalities?  How do these inequalities impact women’s opportunities in the UK job market?  Why is it a problem that women face inequalities in the job market?  What should be done about the inequalities women face in the UK job market?  How useful are the findings and helping understand the inequalities that women face in the UK?  How does the research fit with this work (similarities and differences)? the words can be between 5000-6000 ( references and appendix not included ) I would please like the  references to be Harvard style please  He asked for simple language , easy to understand , and put and emphasis on critical thinking  if the data part is possible just simple OLS regression would be fine with the analysis  I will attach a sample dissertation that a teacher gave me that I have been trying to followl which is more or less the  kind of work he is expecting . it is quite a lot , will all that be possible ? Thank you very much for your time and understanding , looking forward to your reply 


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