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Customs & Regulations (SL4004-A) Assignment Instructions Due Date : Week 6 Friday 12th February (written assignment) Course Weighting : 35% Length : 1000 words (written) Introduction I. Individual Assignment – Case Study (35%) Objective Please read ‘CR Assignment 1 Case study Selecting LSP Thailand’ located in the Assignments folder on Google Drive. For this case study, I expect to see a discussion on: The theme of the paperThe importance of the topic towards the understanding of international logisticsKey findingsLessons learned ( A personal/professional perspective on the case study) The case study should be approximately 1000 words. The aforementioned areas of discussion can be the structure of your paper. The student is free to use graphics, data, videos, and links to other sites to support views if deemed necessary. Please note that the case study includes an abstract, but it obviously cannot be the basis of your case study. It is just to help in understanding the case. RULES TO FOLLOW WHEN WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT 1. Plagiarism Always use your own words to write up the assignments. Copying of sentences and/or paragraphs, from any source (books or articles) including the Internet without giving acknowledgement (references) to the author/ publisher is wrong and unacceptable. A “FAILED” grade will be given for outright plagiarism. 2. References (This is only necessary if it is a research based assignment) You must make read AND make references to sources of information such as books, academic journals, magazines and newspapers, and the Internet. You should have at least 4 references to support the assignment. At least 2 of these references must be books and/or academic journals. The remaining 2 references may be taken from magazines, newspapers or Internet websites. How is referencing done? Referencing has at least two components: An indication in the main text when the words or ideas of another have been used. (in-text citation)A list of references, giving complete publication details of the sources of borrowed information. Raffles International College encourages students to use the APA style of formatting, in-text citation, and referencing.


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