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)Accounting and Economics DepartmentECON301Business LawSpring TermRESEARCH ASSIGNMENTPart 1Case Search “Paper Chase” (group work1Students in groups of three are to find a single unexcerpted (full length), pristine2 case involving a legaldispute before anycourt. Use GOOGLE or the link to the Lexis Nexis research gateway:Link: www.nexisuni.comUsername: [email protected]: Ahlia$2020In conducting the research, the following criteria apply:• The case must be in English or translated into English• The case must neither have been used previously by the instructor in class nor by any previous student who tookthe course.• The case should be no more than five years old• The case must represent the final adjudicationof the substantive law claim put before the court• The branch of law will be designated by the instructor and given to each student on an individual basis. The casefound must revolve principally about the branch of law.• The case is not to be a US Supreme Court case• The case is to be sent in pdf or WORD3 via MOODLE4 to the instructorDue date for section#1 (M/W) on March 8, 2021Due date for section#2 (U/T/H) on March 9, 2021Total marks for this exercise: 7 ½ marks. Cases may be submitted multiple times with a resubmission penalty of ½ mark perresubmission.UP TO FOUR RESUBMISSIONS ARE PERMISSIBLE. Students with zero marks on Research Part I can recoup lostmarks through extra work submitted pursuant to Research Part II. Late submissions beyond the due date will not beaccepted regardless of excuse proffered and will accordingly be awarded zero marks.1As assigned by the instructor with no requests for group reassignment to be entertained.2“Pristine” means as found; do not add your name, group number, ECON301, AU logo to the case that you have found3Ordinarily, pdf for cases found through GOOGLE search; WORD for case accessed through Lexis Nexis4Cases sent to the instructor by TEAMS or email will not be opened and will receive a ZERO grade.


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