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Guidelines for Assignment• Do not simply repeat large pieces of information or sentences from the case study or articlesand/or other sources; rather make use of the information to illustrate your arguments andrecommendations.• Structure your report logically and clearly. There must be a logical flow from one section to thenext. The main sections of the report must be indexed and pages numbered.• All citations must be clearly referenced. Use the latest APA referencing style throughout yourassignment.• Use 12 size font letters and give one and half spacing between lines. Add heading and subheading where appropriate.• Plagiarism: If you use others’ ideas or quotes without referencing them, it is considered to beplagiarism. Any student found plagiarising will be referred to student disciplinary committee.• The individual assignment section will be submitted into Turnitin application to check forsimilarity and plagiarism and should be less than 10 percent similarity.Part 1: Individual Component (100marks)Remote Configuration, Installation and Viewing of CloudWatch LogsIt is essential to monitor services that generate the workload to further enhance the performanceof those services and apply necessary changes when required. To accomplish this, one can gothrough the log files made up by the applications and/or services involved in a process.Gathering the log information and further analysing it will also improve the security by creatinga record of activities and/or audit trail in the workload providing the opportunities to detect andscrutinise potential threats. Since manually configuring logging on each instance is not anefficient way of using time, utilising AWS services such as AWS Systems Manager, AmazonCloudWatch, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), Amazon Athena, and Amazon QuickSight,would be useful to gather and store the logs without the need to directly access the targetinstances. The followings elaborate the steps required to successfully complete this assignment:1. Deploy the CloudFormation Stack (10 marks)2. Install the CloudWatch Agent (10 marks)3. Store the CloudWatch Config File in Parameter Store (10 marks)4. Start the CloudWatch Agent (10 marks)5. Generate Logs (10 marks)6. View your CloudWatch Logs (10 marks)7. Export Logs to S3 (10 marks)8. Query logs from S3 using Athena (10 marks)9. Create a QuickSight Visualization (10 marks)10. Discuss your findings, challenges and conclusions in this assignment (10 marks)Please note that there are pre-configuration requirements to prepare for the tasks above beforediving into the tasks. You are strongly recommended to conduct research and figure out thepreparations required for each task. Your final report should contain the outcome of yourresearch and findings along with the relevant explanation necessary to justify yourconfigurations. Please also note that, for each and every step that there are multipleconfiguration options, the justification of the chosen option is of the utmost importance.Moreover, you are strongly recommended to include sufficient snapshots to show for theconfigurations.Please note that after collecting all of the required evidence, you need to release theresources deployed to complete this part of the assignment to avoid extra billing charges.


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