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BTEC Assignment Brief QualificationPearson BTEC Level 3 National Foundation Diploma in Applied Science Pearson BTEC Level 3 National Extended Diploma in Applied ScienceUnit number and titleUnit 9: Human Regulation and ReproductionLearning aim (For NQF only)C: Understand the role of hormones in the regulation and control of the reproductive systemAssignment titleHormonal control of reproduction.AssessorLakshmi ThirumalIssue date14/07/20Hand in deadline14/07/20Vocational Scenario or ContextYou have gained a work experience placement in the pathology department of your local hospital. You will be assisting a biomedical scientist working in the reproductive science laboratory. The laboratory undertakes studies into embryology and andrology. As part of your placement you are expected to produce a report that evaluates the role of hormones in the regulation and control of the reproductive system.TaskProduce a detailed report evaluating and explaining the processes that occur in the male and female sex organs leading to the production of sperm and ova thus allowing conception to occur. At least four of the following methods of hormonal control of conception and the management of infertility in order to promote conception must be explained and evaluated: Meiosis during gametogenesis Obstruction of male or female tubules Hormonal control of egg/sperm development Hormonal regulation and control of the endometrium and implantation Development of the zygote Erectile dysfunction and antisperm antibodies Produce a graphical representation showing the phases of the menstrual cycle and explain the specific actions of the hormones involved in controlling the cycle and how they can affect human health in relation to fertility and conception. Include labelled diagrams to describe how hormones control gametogenesis in both males and females. Produce labelled diagrams to show the anatomy of the male and female reproductive systems and annotate your diagrams with a description of how each part functions and how conception occurs.Checklist of evidence requiredA report that includes: An evaluation and description of gametogenesis and four methods of hormonal control of fertility and infertility. An explanation of four factors that affect reproductive health in males and females. A description of the anatomy and physiology of male and female reproductive systems including labelled diagrams. A graphical representation describing and explaining the hormonal control of the menstrual cycle.Criteria covered by this task:Unit/Criteria referenceTo achieve the criteria, you must that you are able to:C.D3Evaluate how conception may be prevented and promotedC.M3Explain how the regulation of male and female reproductive systems can affect human reproductive healthC.P4Describe how hormones are involved in gamete development and conceptionC.P3Describe the structure and function of reproductive anatomySources of information to support you with this Assignment assessment materials attached to this Assignment Brief


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