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MARH016 Plan and Navigate a Passage for a Vessel up to 80 metres Assignment attachment – Chart block Written AssignmentStudent Name: Student Signature: Date I solemnly and sincerely declare that I have submitted all original work for assessmentAssessor Name: Assessor signature: DateResult: □ Satisfactory □ UnsatisfactoryAssessor notes:I have read the notes: Student signature:Reassessment Result: □ Satisfactory □ UnsatisfactoryAssessor notes:I have read the notes: Student signature: Spaces between questions may not reflect the space required for your answers Please use A4 paper for scanning purposes To assist with information for your assignments we have referenced a guide next to the questions IN YOUR OWN WORDS / DO NOT COPY AND PASTE Chartwork Question 1 In your own words explain (a) Latitude (b) Longitude Question 2 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 and study chart (a) What is the relevance of the zone of confidence diagrams? (b) List 8 important pieces of information you would find on a chart “Title Block” Question 3 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 and study chart In addition to the above what other important items you would check on a chart prior to using it for navigation Question 4 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 and study chart There are a number of acronyms for remembering converting compass (Bearings/Headings) to true – (Gandys page 450 – 451 and handouts notes). Using your preferred method answer the following; Explain in your words (see attachment) What is the true bearing of a lighthouse if the bearing was 120°M (hand bearing compass) and variation is 10° E What is the compass course to steer if the true course off the chart is 050° T and the variation 10°E deviation 3°W What is the compass error if the true bearing is 060°T And compass bearing 050°C? What is the true course to put on the chart if the compass course you are steering is 260° C compass variation is 90°E and deviation is 2°W? Complete the following table – TrueVariationMagneticDeviationCompassError105⁰15⁰E5⁰W5⁰E215⁰14⁰E12⁰W067⁰7⁰W156⁰166⁰160⁰222⁰216⁰3⁰W009⁰357⁰10⁰E2⁰W6⁰E015⁰210⁰212⁰1⁰W5⁰W2⁰E318⁰183⁰5⁰E178⁰ Question 5 (applies to D.C.V.)(Source NSCV Part C sub section 7c) What is a deviation card? Under current legislation what are the requirements to ensure compass accuracy Marine Order 504 When must a magnetic compass on a vessel be adjusted? (4) List one method (and explain what you are checking) Gandy’s Chapter 17.1 Insight of land Out of sight of land Question 6 Scenario/calculation You are steaming on a set of Leads that chart indicates should be 020 ⁰ T your compass reads 008 ⁰ C what is the compass error if the chart variation is 8 ⁰ E and your deviation card reads 3 ⁰ W for a compass course of 008 ⁰ C ((1) What is the observed deviation What would be your reaction Question 7 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 and handout Gandy; s page 474 Give the following chartwork symbols for Position line or course line D/R E/P Fix Transferred position line Course made good (7) Set and drift line Question 8 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 What is the difference between a D/R and an E/P? Question 9 (a) Where would you find information regarding temporary warning notices (b) What are traffic separation schemes Question 10 Gandy’s chapter 17.2 What type of projection of the globe onto a flat chart do we use for coastal navigation List 2 properties of this projections that assists the navigator When measuring distances on this type of projection why do we use the adjacent latitude scale Question 11 Gandy’s chapter 6 (1) What does I.A.L.A stand for, (2) To eliminate any misunderstanding how is the direction indicated on a chart? (b) Where would you find what system, the chart is using (c) If there is any doubt how the direction is indicated on a chart Question 12 Gandy’s chapter 6 If a lighthouse on a chart has the following notation FLWR (10s) 19m 10M what does this tell you about the light, what publication would you consult to check up light characteristics and information Question 13 List how and when you would check the following wheelhouse equipment and alarm High bilge alarm Auto pilot Auto pilot off course alarm Echo sounder ECS system GPS receiver Magnetic compass Radar Log (if fitted) Question 14 Marine order 21 and NSCV Section 7, Subsection 7C Table 2 Give a list of the navigation equipment required for a vessel


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