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ICT_3_Platform Research Assignment_VSSS_v2.docx Page 1 of 23 Platform Research AssignmentWelcome to the 3 Platform Research AssignmentThis assignment provides you with exposure to research and developing business documents. It is not acomplex assignment but does require you to understand the assessment instructions and cover all areaswithin the assessment rubric. Refer back to Section 2 of your MyUpskilled site if you need to reviewhow to find the assessment rubric.As a prospective IT professional you need to gain an understanding of the various technologies that arerelevant to the course, and in particular the role in which you work. ICT technologies will varydepending on the ICT environment in which you work, and include desktop operating systems, serveroperating systems, virtual platforms, etc.For this assignment the focus technology platform that you will be researching and reporting onis:Virtualisation Host SoftwareIf you require support with this assignment please contact your trainer. You can also upload a draftdocument into the assessment area for your trainer to review and comment. If you upload a draft DONOT press the Submit button (as this will become an assessment submission), and please message yourtrainer that you have a draft (provide details of the assessment it relates to) that you would like them tolook at.The assignment is broken into two tasks, covered below.Task 1Your first task for this assignment is to research and find 3 different platforms that relate to the focustechnology.Task 1-3 Platform ResearchReport 750 words maximum.12pt font single spaced.– Become familiar with the 3 selected platforms.– Evaluate and list features and benefits of each, for comparison purposes.– Identify industry sectors or segments that each may be suited to, based on your analysisICT_3_Platform Research Assignment_VSSS_v2.docx Page 2 of 2– Report your findings in a manner that can be presented to management in a clear concisemanner in terminology that they will understand.– Make recommendations for implementation of a new platformTask 2Your second task in this assignment is to develop a process for procurement for one of these chosenplatforms. You must present this as a feasibility report with a compelling case as to why the platformwas chosen and recommended.The idea behind the second task is to detail in simple terms why management would approve and signoff on your proposal. You will also need to list pricing, lead-times and steps for procurement. Ensureyou include an acceptance signoff for your proposal. Ensure correct referencing is used.Assignment 2-Process for ProcurementPolicy 750 words maximum.12pt font single spaced.– Create a proposal and procurement report– List reasons for your selection– Detail a procedure to determine procurement– Report your findings to management in a clear concise manner


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