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Points: 100What is the relationship of Project Procurement Management and Project HumanResource Management? Your final assignment is to present an argument (a thesisstatement) as to how the procurement process can improve leadership on a project orhow leadership can improve the procurement process. Use what you have learnedabout leadership and procurement in this course, along with additional research tomake a connection between these key project management topics of procurement andleadership.When writing your thesis statement and the forecast for supporting your thesis be sure:• The thesis matches the requirements and goals of the assignment.• The thesis is clear and easily recognizable.• The thesis seems supportable by good reasoning/data through research.• The forecast presents a logical method for supporting your thesis usingresources from the course and independent research conducted by you.• The forecast should incorporate points presented in your three Leadership Pointof View Assignments throughout this course.For guidelines on preparing an argument paper and thesis statement refer to the linksprovided in the Readings and Resources section of Unit 8.Write your argument paper and thesis in third person and provide an APA cover pageand reference page. Your final paper should be 5-10 pages, not including the cover andreference page.Be sure to read the criteria above and the grading rubric on the next page, bywhich your paper/project will be evaluated, before you write, and again after youwrite.BUS638 – Issues and Applications inProject ManagementProject HR Management and Procurement ManagementEvaluation Rubric for Unit 8 Assignment CRITERIADeficientProficientExemplaryThesisStatement0-3 pointsThe thesis statementand forecast forsupporting yourthesis fail to meetthe requirements ofthe assignment.4-7 pointsThe thesis statementand forecast forsupporting yourthesis meet therequirements of theassignment.8-10 pointsThe thesis statementand forecast forsupporting yourthesis exceed therequirements of theassignment.Arguments tosupport thesis0-6 pointsArguments tosupport your thesisare not supportedwith research.7-13 pointsArguments to supportyour thesis aresupported withlimited research.14-20 pointsArguments to supportyour thesis aresupported withsubstantial research.DemonstratesUnderstandingof CourseConcepts0-6 pointsDoes not sufficientlydemonstrate anunderstanding of thecourse content.7-13 pointsDemonstrates anunderstanding of thecourse content.14-20 pointsDemonstrates anexceptionalunderstanding of thecourse content.LPOV0-6 pointsDoes not sufficientlyincorporate thewriter’s LPOV.7-13 pointsIncorporates thewriter’s LPOV.14-20 pointsExcels inincorporating thewriter’s LPOV.APA format0-3 pointsFormat has errors thatimpede professionalpresentation; and/orAPA not followed,reference pagemissing.4-7 pointsAPA format andreference page has fewerrors that do notimpede professionalpresentation.8-10 pointsAPA format andreference page is clear,professional, and errorfree.Grammar,Spelling, andWriting Style0-6 pointsFails to display basiccomprehension ofsyntax or mechanics,such as spelling andgrammar. Writtenwork contains majorerrors, which distractthe reader.7-13 pointsDisplays basiccomprehension ofsyntax andmechanics, such asspelling and grammar.Written work containsa few errors, whichmay slightly distractthe reader.14-20 pointsDisplays meticulouscomprehension andorganization of syntaxand mechanics, suchas spelling andgrammar. Writtenwork contains noerrors, and is veryeasy to understand.


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