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BSBCUS501 Manage quality customer service Assessment Task 3 Monitor and reportFeedback Cover SheetStudent NameStudent IdAssessor NameEvidence CollectedBenchmark Requirements MetYESNOTasks:Part A Monitor Team performance Customer Service performance improvement/development plan☐☐Part B Assist colleagues in overcoming difficulties OBC3 Assist colleagues in overcoming difficulties☐☐Part C Report and recommend Email to manager Email to Customer☐☐OutcomeSatisfactory ☐Not Satisfactory ☐Feedback To StudentAssessor’s SignatureDateStudents please note: Your results will be made available in your Student Portal. Your Assessor will also email you with feedback on your performance, including where gaps are identified. Please ensure you regularly login to your student portal and Stanley College email to check this information. All decisions, including Assessments Outcomes can be appealed. For more information please refer to our Complaints and Appeals Policy (available from Student Services team or via our website)Summary of evidenceInsert your evidence belowPart A Monitor Team performance Customer Service performance improvement/development planPart B Assist colleagues in overcoming difficulties OBC3 Assist colleagues in overcoming difficultiesPart C Report and recommend Email to manager Email to Customer Submission details The assessment task is due as specified by your assessor. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor. You are required to download assessment materials and upload the completed assessments via the Stanley College LMS. All assessments to be submitted electronically with any required evidence attached. Business Hub The ‘Business Hub’ provides opportunity to simulate role- plays in a realistic business environment which includes the following but is not limited to: Boardroom set up with LCD flat screen TVSkype video conferencing capabilityWIFI connectionPrivate meeting spaceConference phoneAudio recorders for meeting recordsLaptop including MS Office software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)Case Studies, Policies and Procedures for the applicable simulated businessBoardroom table and chairsCopies of relevant legislationIT facilities including audio to present and view from laptopStationary supplies (Pads and Pens)Office equipment You are required to ensure the availability of the room prior your role-play. Assessment Task 3 Monitor and report IntroductionYou have settled well into your role in the organisation and you have built a good rapport with your team. For this task, you will need to complete a monitoring report, address any issues that may have arisen due to no meeting the organisations quality and delivery standards, respond to customers in consultation with your manager and finally submit your updated report and any recommendations to the manager.Part A Monitor Team performanceAccess the Customer Contact Register using the following SharePoint link to review the feedback and identify any actions you may need to take to resolve issues. Complete Part 1 Performance Details of the Customer Service Performance Improvement/Development plan Identify the team member Select and provide details of the performance standard not being met (these must be in line with the standards you set in your Customer service plan) Make specific recommendations to improve the performance (you may consider identifying specific goals to discuss with the team member)BSBCUS501_AT3_Customer Service Performance Improvement /Development Plan Part B Assist colleagues in overcoming difficultiesWhen you have identified the team member in part A, you must make arrangements with your manager (trainer) to meet with the team member to assist them in overcoming difficulties in meeting customer service standards. During the meeting you will need to Provide details of the plan Discuss, document and agree to at least 2 goals for the team member to achieve., You must complete all details required in the formOBC3: Assist colleagues in overcoming difficultiesLearner Observation Instructions Please log into canvas to access the observation checklist Read the instructions provided Once you have read and understood the instructions, please write ” I understand and I am ready for assessment” click submit to continue. The assessor will then set up a time to complete this observation and complete the checklist on Canvas Oral communication and interaction with others. use of clear language appropriate to audience Clear and appropriate language may include: semi-formal professional clearly spoken no mumbling No favoured words use of active listening skillsActive listening skills may include: Maintaining eye contact Repeating what the speaker has said to confirm understanding Asking questions use of questioning skills to elicit informationuse of open questions to obtain information and seek feedback use of closed questions to confirm use of clarifying questions Part C Report and recommendFollowing your meeting with the team member You will be required to submit the completed Customer Service Performance Improvement/Development plan to your manager (trainer) highlighting the recommendations and an overview of the goals agreed and discussed. Please request input and or approval for the plan. (Email 1) You must respond to the customer (trainer) by email detailing any and all appropriate actions that will be taken to resolve the issue. This must be in line with the customer service plan you developed in Assessment task 1 (Email 2)When sending emails, you must include the following information: Assessment number_Your name_Your student Number_task number 9e.g. AT3_Jane_12345678_PartC)


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