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Description In this Office Simulation exercise you will use the information learned from lessons completed to perform a series of work that is assigned to you by your supervisor.   Scenario:   FROM THE DESK OF SHAREEN FAROOQ   Sorry to leave this work on your desk and run, but I am out of the office most of the day, and may not return until late. I`d appreciate it if you can have the work that I`ve left completed by the end of the day.   I did some work from home last night and need you to complete the items l******ed below. I need you to prepare the letter shown below under my signature, to go out to the people l******ed in our Professional Association (PAC) database file. I want you to set up a Mail Merge for this. The database file should be on our office file server (Dropbox) – I think it is called PA database – or something like this. Oh, by the way, you may have to fix up the database as it’s an Excel file and I know that something has to be done in order to use it for Mail Merge.   Don’t forget that these letters need to be mailed out to everyone also, so you have to prepare the envelopes as well.   While we are at it, I would like you to send a memo to Mrs. Navpreet Singh, Manager of the Media Relations at our company asking her if it would be possible for us to record the seminar so that it available on the company’s internal website for our employees. I believe it is important for our employees to understand the advantages of social media in business. Be sure to let her know the details of the event and let her know that she is welcome to join us for dinner as well.   Be sure to check that your memo, letter, including the AGENDA is AODA compliant.   LETTER:   This letter will confirm your acceptance of our invitation to attend the Professional Association seminar that is being held on the last Friday of next month at the Holiday Inn, 3036 South Service Road, Burlington, Ontario.   Our membership is looking forward to meeting our guest speaker, who resides in Vancouver B.C., and will be speaking about her experience with Social Media and how it is used in the business world.   Reg******ration for this event will commence at 6:00 p.m. There will be vendor tables set up with a variety of items that you may wish to purchase. Dinner will commence at 7:00 p.m. If you have any dietary restrictions, please let us know. The actual seminar should run from 8:15 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and will cons****** of not only a verbal presentation, but also a visual presentation, so if there are any accessibility issues that you may have, please let us know prior to this event taking place. A copy of the Agenda is attached that provides additional information.   When you arrive at the conference, valet parking will be available, as well as access to the parking lot across the road for the centre. Any parking charges that you may incur will be reimbursed on the day of the seminar, as long as you provide us with the parking receipt.   We are looking forward to meeting you at this conference, and once again, thank you for responding favourably to our invitation. This is an evening that I`m sure everyone will enjoy.   Instructions:   You are employed by Shareen Farooq, who is the Director of Training at Training and Consulting Inc. 101 Main Street West, Hamilton, ON, L8R 9H4.   When you arrived at work this morning, you found some work already on your desk from Shareen. You will need the following files for you to complete this exercise:   PAC database file  Agenda  Using the information provided in the case scenario, prepare the appropriate documentation. Once completed, upload all the files by pressing the “Submit Assignment” button above.   Additional information to ass****** you in completing these tasks:   Prepare the letter in proper format – it is not necessary to cr******e a letterhead, but all elements of a letter must be properly inserted. Save the letter as Lastname_Firstname_Simulation 2_Letter  Remember the appropriate headers and footers are required as this is a two-page letter.  The agenda which is attached to the letter should be inserted into the letter with the appropriate page number.  You only need to submit the main file for the letter and envelopes – it is not necessary to submit the merged file; however, you should merge your files prior to submission to ensure that the merge actually works.  Prepare the memo following proper memo formatting. Save your file as Lastname_Firstname_Simulation 2_Memo  Your office is committed to producing AODA compliant documentation. Shareen has asked that you check the two documents you produced to ensure that they are fully accessible. Fix errors if there are any.  To do this:  Open the documents and run the accessibility checker for both documents. Shareen wants you to take a screenshot of the Accessibility Checker inspection results for each letter and pasts it in a new Word document. Enter your name in the footer.  Save this document as Lastname_Firstname_Simulation2_AODA


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