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XYZ PROJECT South Gate Guard BuildingXYZ ARCHITECTS, P.C. Professional Practice I – 4540/5380 – spring 2021In-class Takeoff and Estimating Assignment Notes to Estimator Student Names: ___________________________________________ february 25, 2021 DD ESTIMATE Our Client requires a 20’ x 20’ guard building near their South entrance. This building will be used as office space, a break area and bathroom in support of a nearby guard shack. The project is entering Design Development and a systems estimate is required. Please provide total project cost estimate broken out by Hard Costs and Soft Costs. Building is a single-story slab-on-grade structure of Type II-B construction with load bearing exterior metal stud walls with brick veneer, open web bar joist roof framing with 1 ½” B-deck and single ply EPDM roof. See attached drawings. Use provided pricing guide. There will be no Index adjustment for locationThere is no adjustment for labor or weather conditionsProvided cost Data includes Overhead and Profit (OH&P)Contractor General Conditions = $28,000Annual escalation rate = 5%Project construction duration = 6 monthsConstruction start = 15 months from today.Design Contingency = 10%Include Construction Contingency of 5%Site construction cost (exclusive of building excavation/backfill) = $15,000Architecture and Engineering fees = $15,000FF&E = $3,500Remaining soft costs not already listed = $6,000Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing (MEP) Construction Costs = $18,000 Provide Following Quantity Takeoffs: Reinforced Strip Footings 2’W x 1’D (5.1 Kips/LF) ___________________LF 4” Reinforced slab-on-grade (light industrial) ____________________SF Building Excavation & Backfill _____________________SF (2D estimate method. See provided pricing guide. Assume building excavation to 5’ down with a 1:1 line of excavation 7’-6” beyond the face of the building on all sides at grade level. Treat as basement excavating for the purposes of this assignment.) Re-calculate Building Excavation & Backfill as Cubic Yards _____________________CY (3D estimate method. Assume building excavation to 5’ down with a 1:1 line of excavation 7’-6” beyond the face of the building on all sides. Treat as basement excavating for the purposes of this assignment.) Note: 27 Cubic Feet = 1 Cubic Yard. 4’ Deep Cast-in-Place Foundation Wall (12” Wide) ___________________LF (Reinforced and formed. Pumped concrete.) Roof: Steel Bar Joists and Deck ___________________SF (5’-0” o.c. spacing. Clear span as per drawings. Resting directly on bearing walls. 50 PSF total load. 1 ½” 22ga, galvanized roof deck. Include dimension to outside face of walls.) Exterior Walls: Metal Studs with Brick Veneer ___________________SF (10’ High. 16ga 3 5/8” metal studs at 16”o.c. Standard brick in running bond. Includes sheathing, ties, building paper, GWB. Wall width including insulation/air space is 12”) Exterior Wall Additional Continuous Insulation: ___________________SF (Provided pricing guide does not show continuous insulation in wall and will need to be priced separately. Show quantity takeoff for 3” continuous extruded polystyrene rigid insulation in wall cavity on face of studs. Material $1.00/SF, Labor $0.50/SF) Aluminum Windows: _________________Unit(s)       Window Area ________________SF (Double-Hung with insulated glass. 3’-4”x5’-0”. Indicate # of units and window area.) Exterior Steel Doors: _________________Unit(s)       Door Area ________________SF (Complete door system with hardware as per pricing guide. 18ga steel with frame.         3’-0”x7’-0” [dimension with frame is 3’-4”x7’-4”]. Indicate # of units and door area.) Single Ply Membrane Roof ___________________SF (45mil fully adhered EPDM) Roof Insulation ___________________SF (6” – Two layers of 3” Polyisocyanurate insulation) Roof Edge Fascia ___________________LF (8” high 050” Aluminum with Duranodic finish) Interior Metal Stud Walls ___________________SF (10’ High. 3 5/8” metal studs at 16”o.c. with 5/8” Fire Resistant (FR) drywall each side) Interior Doors: _________________Unit(s)       Door Area ________________SF (Particle core flush wood door with metal frame. Birch face with drywall knock down (KD) frame. 3’-0”x7’-0” [dimension with frame is 3’-4”x7’-4”]. Indicate # of units and door area. Hardware is not part of pricing in guide.) Hinges: _________________Unit(s)       (For interior door(s). 2 per door. Average Frequency, 5”x5” USP) Locksets: _________________Unit(s)       (For interior door(s). Heavy Duty Cylindrical Privacy Lockset) Bathroom Grab Bars: _________________Unit(s)       (Bath and Toilet Accessories. Assume all 1 ½” Diameter, 36” long for pricing purposes) Bathroom Mirror: _________________Unit(s)       (Bath and Toilet Accessories. 18”x24” Framed with shelf.) Bathroom Toilet Paper Dispenser: _________________Unit(s)       (Bath and Toilet Accessories. 1 ½” Single roll. Surface mounted) Wall Paint: _________________SF       (All drywall including inside face of exterior walls. Primer plus two coats using roller.) Floor Finish: Vinyl Composition Tile (VCT): _________________SF       (All areas except bathroom. Minimum Pricing) Floor Finish: Ceramic Tile (CT): _________________SF       (Bathroom floor. Natural clay, porcelain type (min. pricing).) Acoustical Ceiling: _________________SF       (All ceilings. Suspended via Tee bar. 2’x4’ 5/8” fiberglass board ceiling tiles) ItemQty.MeasureMaterialLabor/ (Inst.)Total (M+L)Total Value (M+L)*Qty.Strip Footings76LF16.152339.15 Slab on grade SF    Excavation and Fill SF    Foundation Wall LF    Roof Bar Joist/ Deck SF    Exterior Walls SF    Insulation SF1.51.5 Windows EA    Doors EA    Roof (EPDM) SF    Roof Insulation SF    Roof Edge Fascia LF    Interior Walls SF    Interior Doors EA    Hinges EA    Lockset EA    Bathroom Grab Bars EA    Bathroom Mirror EA    Toilet Paper Dispenser EA    Wall Paint SF    VCT SF    CT SF    Ceiling SF       HARD COSTS (Construction Cost) Quantity Takeoff Construction Estimate Total:              $_______________________       MEP Construction Cost:                                                $_______________________       Site Construction Cost:                                                  $_______________________       General Conditions:                                                      $_______________________       Subtotal:                                                               $_______________________       Design Contingency:                                                      $_______________________       Subtotal:                                                               $_______________________       Escalation (To Midpoint of Construction):                      $_______________________         HARD COST TOTAL:                                              $_______________________       Cost per SF (Includes Site Costs):              $_____________/SF_______ SOFT COSTS (List project soft costs from notes to estimator) ____________________________________                   $_______________________       ____________________________________                   $_______________________       ____________________________________                   $_______________________       ____________________________________                   $_______________________       SOFT COST TOTAL:                                               $_______________________       PROJECT COST TOTAL:                                  $___________________       


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