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Description In the project proposal, you are outlining your key research question and specific hypothesis (or hypotheses, although you should limit this to no more than two hypotheses). Think of this as the basis for what your analysis and evidence will be about (what you will focus on in the final project). Note that when thinking about your topic/hypothesis, you MUST use one of the three GSS datasets (victimization, family, social engagement) designated for your projects. The final project will include the analyses/findings you propose will be conducted. Note that while you will eventually build models with key independent variables and controls, your project will focus around a single dependent variable (or outcome). I recommend following Beckett’s article in terms of structure and style: In the proposal, you MUST outline:   The research question. What’s the broad question you’re interested in answering? This must be situated in sociological work and has to be informed by some theoretical framework. In other words, there has to be some rationale informing your eventual hypothesis. One useful way to go about this is to think about topics of interest you came across in your other sociology courses to which it may be possible to apply data.  [ about 1 page]   Why the question is important? This is the “so what” part. Who cares about this? Your job is to establish why anyone would read such a project. Be convincing!  [ about ½ page]   Brief literature review. What have people said about this in the past? What have they found? How does your work fit into this ex******ing literature? Use the literature strategically to support your claims rather than provide a laundry l****** of sources. Use these to develop your argument rather than describe the literature.  [ about 1 page]   Key hypotheses. CLEARLY state what you expect to find. Make sure you discuss which survey variablesyou intend to use to operationalize your key concepts and variables. It should be clear what kinds of stat******ical models you will be using (that is, how will your models provide evidence for your theory/hypothesis). What will your models explain?  [ about 1 page]   Provide a brief description of the dependent and independent variables[make sure we are able to identify the variable name from the GSS data] by including appropriate summary stat******ics and h******ograms + boxplots of the variables. Only provide the description of one key independent, not possible control variables. Do you foresee any issues with your intended survey items you will have to address. For example, have you/will you consider transforming, manipulating/recoding variables in any way? Remember, the point here is to be able to show that these variables are not skewed or problematicin some other way before moving forward with the analyses and full project. You must discuss the nature of the d******ribution in light of your descriptive stat******ics.  [ about 1 ½ pages]   Additional requirements:   Your proposal should be 5 double-spaced pages (excluding any graphs and works cited page). We will not read beyond page 5. The proposal is in essay format with complete sentences, paragraphs, proper grammar and spelling.  You must clearly state your hypotheses in clear and conventional language whereby direction of the relationship as well as the independent and dependent variables are clearly discernable. We have to be able to see a clear link between theory and methodology. This is important for the final project.  We must also be able to determine whether the variables you have selected are suitable. This is why you must provide a description of these in the proposal.  You must use at least 3 external scholarly (peer-reviewed) works to situate your project.  Include a “works cited” page (this does not count towards the page total).  Use 12-point font in Cambria or Times New Roman. DO NOT adjust the margins. Use double spacing (not 1.5-line spacing or single spacing. DO NOT alter the line spacing requirements, such as using “Multiple”).  DO NOT use headings. These are not necessary in a short essay.  You must cite the evidence/arguments and any idea that is not your own idea (including any scholarly articles or books).  I do not have a strong preference for citation style but be sure you are cons******ent (so if you start with Chicago or APA, it should be that style throughout).  DO NOT use direct quotes. We are interested in your ideas, not verbatim someone else’s work.  You can only attach an MS Word or .doc file when you upload your proposal through Quercus.  We will run the project proposals through Turn It In.


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