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Assessment 2 CPCCBC4007A 1TAFE NSW – WSI – Feb 2018CPCCBC4007A: Assessment 2What you have to doRefer to Project 1 to answer the following questions.Question 1.a) For the construction of the 2 storey dwelling, outline theapproval process and the certificates required from applicationfor approval of construction to occupation of the building. Brieflyexplain the different types of building approval that apply in yourstate (eg in NSW; exempt, complying, integrated, local). Clearlynominate which type of approval this development would fallunder in your state.b) Explain the difference between the options of local governmentversus privately certified approvals in your state or territory.2.The photos shown below have been taken of buildings on the sitesadjoining the proposed development for Project 1.Comment on the defects shown in the photos and how they could beimpacted upon by your building operation. 2 Assessment 2 CPCCBC4007ATAFE NSW – WSI – Feb 2018 3.For the house development detailed in Project 1, you are requiredto produce a construction schedule in the following formats:a) a critical path analysisb) a Gantt chart (bar chart)Your initial planning must include the following: list of tasks duration of each task start and end datesDefine the critical path for the project and determine the shortestconstruction time in weeks. ChecklistI have: Completed ALL questions of this assignmentIncluded my name, student number, unit number, assignment numberReviewed and spell checked my documentSaved a copy of the assignment on my own computer.


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