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MIS602_Assessment 1_Modelling Report_Case Study_Module 2.2MIS602 Data Modelling and Database DesignAssessment 1 Modelling Report – Case StudyCS Hobbies is a hobby retail outlet that sells military model kits direct to the public. The business has anumber of model categories such as cars, boats, airplanes, figurines and tanks that come from differentmanufacturers such as Airfix and Tamiya. The same models may even come in different scale sizes. E.g. aVolkwagen Beetle may come in 1:10 scale and 1:50 scale.Customers visit the store and place an order with a staff member. An order can consist of one or moremodels. Should the customer wish to create a complete scene, then all the models in the scene should be tothe same scale. For instance, a scene may have two tanks, an airplane, 5 soldiers and a refuelling truck all witha scale of 1:48Once the order is placed and the payment is confirmed, the items are then retrieved from the storeroom.When the order is completed and shipped, the customer will be notified about the shipping date and theexpected delivery date.CS Hobbies now wants to computerize their order management system. The owner wants to record details ofthe customers, the orders that are placed, remaining stock levels for future orders and more than one contactphone number for each customer.The owner would also like to know as to when each item in the order has been retrieved from the storeroom,so that the customer can be informed of shipping delays, if the products are not available. The customer canthen decide whether to have the order sent out with fewer items than what was originally ordered.As part of the computerization, the business also wants to offer an online ordering page with a “click andcollect” option.


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