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King Edward VII College Research report Summary Give an overview of your research findings, highlighting any surprising, important, or outlying results Methods Describe how you carried out the research, including the methods and the tools that you used. Results Record the results as set out in your research proposal. Analysis Describe the tools (including technology and technology services) that were used to analyse the data once it had been collected. Perform, and describe, statistical analysis of the data to identify possible trends and, where possible, to confirm the data’s reliability Impact Evaluate how your research findings could impact on the organisation’s learning strategy. If this includes changes to the organisation’s policies and procedures, suggest what these could be. Accuracy Review your data and research findings for accuracy of details and adherence to the company’s relevant policies and procedures. Relevance Analyse your data and results against your original applied research strategy to establish its relevance. Further research Identify further research that could be carried out on the topic that you have chosen.


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