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Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project)TITLE: DTHM109 Industrial AttachmentSTATUS: Individual Written ProjectVALUE: 100%WORD LIMIT: 2000 – 2500 wordsDUE DATE: Two months from the start of project dateDescription of the TaskYou are required to do a written report based on the guidelines below:1. Front cover, Acknowledgement, Declaration, Certificate, Table of Content2. Introduction of the project topic (2 marks)3. Introduction of the company (3 marks)4. Research methodology (5 marks)Primary data (observation, interviews, and other relevant methods) should beused in collecting the information.5. Assessment of Competencies (80 marks)Refer to the table in the following page.Based on your primary data, report and analyse on either one of the followingsections:• Section A: Food and Beverage – student must complete 4 out of 5tasks• Section B: Rooms Division (Front Office) – student must complete3 out of 4 tasks• Section C: Rooms Division (House Keeping) – student mustcomplete 4 out of 5 tasks6. Conclusion (5 marks)7. Recommendation (5 marks)8. One photo of you doing observation in the chosen company and one photo ofyou in front of the outlet / company.Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) SECTION A: FOOD AND BEVERAGEAllocatedMarksFirstmarkermarksSecondmarkermarks1. PREPARE RESTAURANT FOR SERVICE• Access organisational information and list thepriority and sequence of tasks for the serviceperiod.• Describe the complete set up of dining area andmise en place requirements according to the styleof service and menu options.• List down the steps in checking and adjustingdining environment to ensure comfort andambience for customers.162. PROVIDE FOOD AND BEVERAGE ADVICE TOCUSTOMERS• Describe how the staff should welcome customersand offer available pre-meal services.• Analyse how the staff allocates tables, seatcustomers and provide napkin service.• Evaluate how the staff presents food and beveragemenus and provide product information.• Examine how the staff gives clear explanations anddescriptions and uses correct terminology andpronunciation to describe food and beverage menuoptions.• Make a judgement on how the staff answersquestions and makes recommendations to assistwith drink and meal selection.• Examine how the staff assists customers withselection of food and beverage matching andpromote or upsell products.• List down the steps in taking customer orders,verifying selection and operating ordering systemaccording to organisational procedures.• Describe how the staff provides and adjustsglassware, service ware and cutlery suitable formenu and drink choices163. SERVE AND CLEAR MEALS• Explain how the staff collects meals from kitchenand check for accuracy and presentation.• Describe the appropriate techniques to carry andplace plates containing meals and serve to thecorrect person.• Evaluate how the staff checks customersatisfaction at the appropriate time.16 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) • Analyse how the staff monitors flow of service andmeal delivery and resolve any delays ordeficiencies in service.• Examine how the staff uses appropriate techniquesto clear and carry multiple used plates and otherservice ware.• Describe how the staff clears used items at theappropriate time during service with minimaldisruption to customers.4. SERVE AND CLEAR ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES• List down the step to select beverages and checkboth temperature and presentation prior toserving.• Examine how the staff loads, carries and unloadstrays where required, safely and avoiding spillage.• Analyse how the staff presents beveragesselected by customers and verify choice.• Describe how the staff opens and servesbeverages correctly, safely and without spillage.• List down the steps to pour beverages as requiredaccording to organisational and industrystandards.• Examine how the staff refills glasses duringservice, with minimal disruption to customers.• Evaluate how the staff removes used and unusedglassware from tables at the appropriate time.165. WORK COOPERATIVELY AS PART OF THESERVICE TEAM• Explain how the staff liaises with kitchen, bar andother waiting staff before, during and after serviceto maximise efficient customer service.• Describe how the staff completes end of shiftduties.• List down the steps in providing handover toincoming restaurant colleagues and sharerelevant information.• Explain how the staff reviews and evaluatesservices with colleagues and suggest serviceimprovements.• Evaluate how the staff undertakes tasksaccording to environmental considerations16TOTAL80 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) SECTION B: ROOMS DIVISION (FRONT OFFICE)AllocatedMarksFirstmarkermarksSecondmarkermarks1. PREPARE FOR GUEST ARRIVAL• Explain how the staff prepare reception area forservice and check all necessary equipment priorto use.• Describe how the staff check and review dailyarrival details prior to guest arrival.• Evaluate how the staff allocate rooms accordingto guest requirements and enterprise policy.• Describe how the staff follow up uncertainarrivals or reservations according to enterpriseprocedures.• Examine how the staff Compile and distributeaccurate arrivals lists to relevant people ordepartments.• Analyse how the staff inform colleagues andother departments about special situations orrequests in a timely manner.202. WELCOME AND REGISTER GUESTS• Evaluate how the staff welcome guests warmly andcourteously.• Analyse how the staff confirm details of reservationwith guests.• List down the steps in following enterpriseprocedures for guests registering with or withoutreservations, and complete registration withinacceptable timeframes and according to enterprisesecurity requirements.• Analyse whether the staff follow correct accountingprocedures according to enterprise practices.• Explain relevant details clearly to guests, such asroom key or electronic card, guest mail, messagesand safety deposit facility arrangements.• Examine if the staff follows correct enterpriseprocedures where rooms are not immediatelyavailable or overbooking has occurred in order tominimise guest inconvenience.• Describe how the staff monitor arrivals and checkactual arrivals against expected arrivals, reportingdeviations according to enterprise procedures.20 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) 3. ORGANISE GUEST DEPARTURE• Examine how the staff review departure lists,checking for accuracy.• Evaluate how the staff seek information ondeparting guests from other departments in a timelymanner to facilitate preparation of account.• Describe how the staff generate guest accountsand check for accuracy.• Examine how the staff explain account clearly andcourteously to guests, process accounts, andreceive and process payments.• Analyse how the staff recover keys or electroniccards from guests and process correctly.• Describe how the staff give action on guestrequests for assistance with departure courteously,or refer requests to the appropriate department forfollow up.• List down the process of express checkoutsaccording to enterprise procedures whereappropriate.• Evaluate whether the staff follow correctprocedures for group checkout and processaccounts according to enterprise procedures.204. PREPARE FRONT OFFICE RECORDS ANDREPORTS• Explain how the staff prepare and update frontoffice records within designated timelines.• Examine if the staff follow correct enterprise policyin regard to room changes, no shows, extensionsand early departures.• Describe how the staff distribute reports andrecords to the appropriate departments withindesignated timelines.20TOTAL80 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) SECTION C: ROOMS DIVISION (HOUSE KEEPING)AllocatedMarksFirstmarkermarksSecondmarkermarks1. SETUP EQUIPMENT AND TROLLEYS• Describe how the staff select and prepareequipment required for servicing rooms.• Evaluate how the staff Identify supplies for trolleysand select or order them in sufficient numbersaccording to enterprise procedures.• Examine how the staff load trolleys safely withadequate supplies according to enterpriseprocedures.162. ACCESS ROOMS FOR SERVICING• Explain how the staff identify rooms requiringservice from information supplied to housekeepingstaff.• Analyse how the staff access rooms according toenterprise customer service and securityprocedures.163. MAKE UP BEDS• Describe how the staff strip beds and mattressesand check pillows and linen for stains and damage.• Examine how the staff remove stains according toenterprise procedures.• List down the steps in replacing bed linen accordingto enterprise standards and procedures.164. CLEAN AND CLEAR ROOMS• Examine how the staff clean rooms in the correctorder and with minimum disruption to guests• Evaluate whether the staff clean and check allfurniture, fixtures and fittings according toenterprise procedures and safety and hygieneguidelines.• Describe how the staff reset all items according toenterprise standards.• Explain how the staff check, replenish or replaceroom supplies according to enterprise standards.• Analyse if the staff identify pests promptly andtake appropriate action according to safety andenterprise procedures.16 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project) • Explain how the staff check rooms for any defectsand report them according to enterpriseprocedures.• Describe the way the staff record damaged itemsaccording to enterprise procedures.• Examine how the staff report promptly anyunusual or suspicious items or occurrencesaccording to enterprise procedures.• Evaluate if the staff collect guest items that havebeen left in vacated rooms and store themaccording to enterprise procedures.5. CLEAN AND STORE TROLLEYS ANDEQUIPMENT• Describe the steps in cleaning trolleys andequipment after use according to safety andenterprise procedures.• Explain how the staff store all items according toenterprise procedures.• Examine how the staff check supplies and itemsand replenish or reorder them according toenterprise procedures.16TOTAL80 Academies Australasia College Diploma in Tourism & Hospitality ManagementDTHM109 Industrial Attachment (Project)Marking GuideName:Roll No: S.NoTopicsMarksAllocatedFirst MarkerMarksSecondMarkerMarks1Introduction of the project topic22Introduction of the company33Research Methodology54Assessment of competencies805Conclusion56Recommendation5TOTAL100/100/100


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