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Getting Started In order to complete the Assessment for this Competency, you will be analyzing several case studies. Additionally, you will be required to record a narration within a PowerPoint. The resources in this Learning Activity provide information on what a case study is, as well as some points to consider as you complete your analysis. They also cover how to record audio using PowerPoint. BOOK EXCERPT: THE CASE STUDY HANDBOOK: A STUDENT’S GUIDE The Case Study Handbook: A Student’s Guide Ellet, W. (2018). The case study handbook: A student’s guide (Rev. ed.). Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press. Retrieved from Chapter 2, “What Is a Case?” (pp. 11–15)Chapter 3, “The Skills You Need to Read and Analyze a Case” (pp. 17–28) Time Estimate: 34 min WEBSITE: ADD AND RECORD AUDIO Add and Record Audio Microsoft. (2019a). Add and record audio. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 4 min WEBSITE: ADD OR DELETE AUDIO IN YOUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION Add or Delete Audio in Your PowerPoint Presentation Microsoft. (2019b). Add or delete audio in your PowerPoint presentation. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 4 min Getting Started Your Assessment for this competency is a portfolio consisting of two audio-enhanced PowerPoint presentations and one business report that you will create based on your analysis of three selected case studies. In order to support your success on this Assessment, you have the option to complete a formative activity on which you will receive feedback from your Faculty. Please note that completion of this activity does not count as a submission of Part 1 of your Assessment. You will not receive any scores on this activity. Review the materials in Learning Activity 1 on analyzing case studies, as well as the other Learning Activities within this module for more information on the topic of business strategies in a global environment. Once you feel ready to proceed, read the “Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store” case study and then use the questions provided in the Assessment to create an outline for your audio-enhanced PowerPoint presentation that includes the major topic and subtopic headings, along with high-level bulleted points that you will want to develop for your presentation. You will then share this outline with your Faculty who will provide you with feedback and give you a chance to ask questions. You may then use this pre-work to form the basis of Part 1 of your Assessment. Please note that you may complete a similar exercise for Modules 2 and 3 before submitting your first attempt. To complete this activity, refer to the following: ARTICLE: EATALY: REIMAGINING THE GROCERY STORE. Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store Gupta, S., Addis, M., & Page, R. (2015). Eataly: Reimagining the Grocery Store. Harvard Business Publishing. Retrieved from Note: You will need to register for a free Harvard Business Publishing student account to access this resource. DOCUMENT: MODULE 1 OUTLINE TEMPLATE Module 1 Outline Template (Word document) Getting Started As companies grow, they often expand into new areas. One type of expansion is through extending the borders of their business and engaging in commerce within a new region or country. Competing within the global marketplace requires businesses to consider additional factors than if they were simply operating “close to home.” In addition, for a business to continue to grow and achieve stability (and possible advantage), its leadership may also consider diversification strategies. This could include expanding the company’s product or service offerings and breaking into a new market or industry. The resources in this Learning Activity explore aspects of diversification and competing globally. VIDEO: BUSINESS DIVERSIFICATION (6:01) Business Diversification Gregg Learning. (2018, June 27). Business diversification [Video file]. Retrieved from VIDEO: INTERNATIONAL STRATEGY (5:48) International Strategy International Strategy Morris, S. (2017, August 31). International strategy [Video file]. Retrieved from Getting Started There are many benefits for companies in having strong and clearly defined mission, vision, and values statements, as well as goals/objectives. These elements help define the company, provide information to customers about the makers of their products and providers of their services, and guide leadership and employees with a sense of direction and purpose. Using the resources in this Learning Activity, you will review the importance of mission, vision, and values statements and goals/objectives and examine how they connect to a business’s strategy. VIDEO: THE MISSION, VISION, AND VALUES STATEMENTS (5:57) The Mission, Vision, and Values Statements 365 Careers. (2018, January 26). The mission, vision, and values statements [Video file]. Retrieved from ARTICLE: CONNECTING STRATEGY, GOALS, AND MEANINGFUL PURPOSES Connecting Strategy, Goals, and Meaningful Purposes McKinsey & Company. (2014). Connecting strategy, goals, and meaningful purpose.Retrieved from Time Estimate: 4 min WEB RESOURCE: STRATEGY, MISSION, AND VISION: HOW DO THEY ALL FIT TOGETHER? Strategy, Mission, and Vision: How Do They All Fit Together? Miller, B. (2014). Strategy, mission, and vision: How do they all fit together? Retrieved from Time Estimate: 7 min VIDEO: HOW TO WRITE A MISSION STATEMENT (3:29) How to Write a Mission Statement How to Write a Mission Statement Getting Started As leaders develop strategies for their organizations, it is important that they have an accurate and comprehensive understanding of the components of business strategy. One of the most important factors of a business is the competitive advantage that it can secure for itself so that it can remain stable and profitable. The resources in this Learning Activity address the questions of what business strategy is and why it is important, as well as factors that contribute to creating and sustaining competitive advantage. VIDEO: WHAT IS BUSINESS STRATEGY? A SIMPLE BUSINESS STRATEGY DEFINITION! (8:03) What Is Business Strategy? A Simple Business Strategy Definition! De Flander, J. (2016, February 4). What is business strategy? A simple business strategy definition! [Video file]. Retrieved from VIDEO: WHAT IS STRATEGY? (8:46) What Is Strategy? Kryscynski, D. (2015, January 5). What is strategy? [Video file]. Retrieved from BOOK EXCERPT: MAKING BIG DECISIONS BETTER: HOW TO SET AND SIMPLIFY BUSINESS STRATEGY Lewko, T. (2017). Making big decisions better: How to set and simplify business strategy. New York, NY: Routledge.Making big decisions better: How to set and simplify business strategy, by Lewko, T. Copyright 2017 by Routledge. Reprinted by permission of Routledge via the Copyright Clearance Center. Chapter 1, “The Absence of Shared Language: Why No One Is on the Same Page” (pp. 7-10) Chapter 2, “Mistaken Identity: Strategy Is a Decision-Making Process, Not an Event” (pp. 11–14) Time Estimate: 16 min ARTICLE: THE FIVE COMPETITIVE FORCES THAT SHAPE STRATEGY The Five Competitive Forces That Shape Strategy Porter, M. E. (2008). The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 36 min ARTICLE: DEFINING YOUR GLOBAL COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: FOUR PILLARS OF SUCCESS Defining Your Global Competitive Advantage: Four Pillars of Success Turi, P. (2018, May 4). Defining your global competitive advantage: Four pillars of success [Blog post]. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 5 min ARTICLE: COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGE: DEFINITION, EXAMPLES AND GLOBAL IMPACT Competitive Advantage: Definition, Examples and Global Impact Competitive Advantage: Definition, Examples and Global Impact Jacquelyn White Gaining competitive advantage is key to increasing market share and ultimately profits, but what is competitive … White, J. (2019, February 20). Competitive advantage: Definition, examples and global impact. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 10 min virtualstrategist. (2016, November 1). How to write a mission statement [Video file]. Retrieved from Getting Started A company can have the greatest strategy ever devised, but it will be worthless if it is unable to execute it. This is when a company’s leaders serve an important role not only in implementing the strategy, but also believing in it and showing the rest of the company that they should believe in it too. Through the resources in this Learning Activity, you will examine leadership’s role in executing strategies. ARTICLE: THE IMPORTANCE OF CULTURE IN STRATEGY EXECUTION The Importance of Culture in Strategy Execution arcAspicio. (2016, September 16). The importance of culture in strategy execution [Blog post]. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 2 min WEB RESOURCE: DIMENSIONS OF CULTURAL DIFFERENCE AND THEIR EFFECT Dimensions of Cultural Difference and Their Effect Lumen Learning. (n.d.-a). Dimensions of cultural difference and their effect. In Principles of management. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 10 min WEB RESOURCE: GLOBAL BUSINESS STRATEGIES FOR RESPONDING TO CULTURAL DIFFERENCES Global Business Strategies for Responding to Cultural Differences Lumen Learning. (n.d.-b). Global business strategies for responding to cultural differences. In Principles of management. Retrieved from Time Estimate: 5 min BOOK EXCERPT: THE MANY FACES OF LEADERSHIP Rhoads, C. J. (2014). The entrepreneur’s guide to running a business: Strategy and leadership. Santa Barbara, CA: Praeger.The entrepreneur’s guide to running a business: Strategy and leadership, by Rhoads, C. J. Copyright 2014 by ABC-CLIO. Reprinted by permission of ABC-CLIO via the Copyright Clearance Center. • Chapter 2, “The Many Faces of Leadership” (pp. 23–47) Sign In Time Estimate: 50 min Attachments areaPreview YouTube video Business DiversificationBusiness DiversificationPreview YouTube video International StrategyInternational StrategyPreview YouTube video The Mission, Vision, and Values statementsThe Mission, Vision, and Values statementsPreview YouTube video How to Write a Mission StatementHow to Write a Mission StatementPreview YouTube video What is Business Strategy? A simple business strategy definition!What is Business Strategy? A simple business strategy definition!Preview YouTube video What is Strategy?What is Strategy?


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