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BUS 180:301 Excel Chapter 2 Grader* Project [Assessment 1] Formulas and Functions Project Description: In the following project, you will perform preliminary work on the sales worksheet. You will total quarterly earnings, create functions to determine sales regions, and bonus eligibility. Your last steps will be to calculate basic summary information and finalize the worksheet. Instructions: For the purpose of grading the project you are required to perform the following tasks: StepInstructionsPoints Possible1Download and open the file named exploring_e02_grader_a1.xlsx, and then save the file as exploring_e02_grader_a1_LastFirst.02Create a named range for cell B4 named Sales_Goal.73Insert a function in cell B24 to calculate the total sales for Q1 in column B.74Copy the total function into the range C24:E24 to calculate the totals of Q2 through Q4.75Insert functions in column F to calculate the sales totals of each individual sales rep.76Insert a function in the cell H11 that looks up the sales rep region based on the table in cells E3:F6.77Copy the function down to populate the remaining portion of column H. Be sure to use absolute or mixed referencing when necessary.78Enter a function in cell I11 to calculate the sales reps eligibility for bonus. If the reps total sales are greater than or equal to the sales_goal then the function should return the value Bonus, if not the function should return NA.79Copy the function down to populate the remaining portion of column I. Be sure to use absolute or mixed referencing when necessary.710Insert a function in cell B28 to calculate Median of all sales in column F.711Insert a function in cell B29 to calculate average sales dollar amounts.612Insert a function in cell B30 to calculate the total number of sales reps.613Format the values in the range B11:E11 with Accounting Number Format.614Format the values in the range B12:E23 with Comma Style.615Insert a function in cell B3 to display the current date.716Format the totals in cells F11:F23 with Accounting Number Format.617Save the file and close Excel. Submit the file as directed.0 Total Points100


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