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BUS 300 Week 6 Quiz 5 Chapters 9 and 10 1. Which of the following activities are likely to attract online publicity?2. A reason executives tend to be uncomfortable about interviews is due to their3. If you are seeking online publicity,4. Reasons why print media are number one with public relations professionals include5. For a successful a media interview,6. In the United States, there are roughly ________ daily newspapers and ________ magazines.7. Objectivity, a goal journalists presumably strive for and public relations practitioners should help media professionals achieve, is ideally8. The cardinal rule for dealing professionally and ethically with media is9. Ari Fleischer, first press secretary to President George W. Bush, viewed the press as10. The activity of trying to place positive publicity in mediaof convincing an editor to consider the publicity as newsworthy is called11. In order to achieve placement of a written release, which of the following should you avoid?12. Since the end of the 1990s, magazine readership13. Which of the following is good advice for public relations people who want to know how to deal effectively and ethically with people representing the various types of media?14. Why do public relations people care about working with media?15. Which of the following characterize the media that today’s public relations practitioners must deal with?16. In terms of employee communications, “Miller Time” refers to17. There is no “general public,” but there is an “employee public” that18. Defenders of print vehicles suggest19. Suggestions to improve employee relations include20. One overriding principle for good internal communication is to21. Traditional staples of employee communications have included all the following EXCEPT22. Which of the following are among the traditional staples of employee communications programs?23. During the past 20 years, surveys about workforce contentment indicate24. If communication is to reinforce a consistent management message, it25. For a well-conceived and well-designed employee communications program to work, it must26. Which of the following leads employees to think “the grass is greener elsewhere”?27. Despite all the emphasis on social media, ________ communications, preferably from a supervisor, is considered the best communication vehicle to reach employees.28. Although it may be treacherous at times, the ________ can be a valuable communications vehicle.29. Which of the following acronyms is indicative of how management can build trust through communication?30. The organization originally devoted just to internal communications was the


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