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  Part A: Written and Oral Communication Skills Locate a website for an organization that hires graduates  in  Business Administration. Besides technical skills, what writing and communication skills does this organization seek in a job candidate? Write a one-page essay on what they say directly on this subject. Include reasons why each skill is important, and any additional written/spoken skills that you believe would give a candidate a competitive advantage. Part B: Effective Writing Teams a. What types of projects require collaboration? b. What are four primary attributes of an effective writing team? Provide an example for each. Part C: Internet Source Distortion/Misrepresentation From media, personal experience, or the Internet, identify an example of each of the following sources of distortion (faulty causal and/or statistical inference) for the following: a. A study with questionable sponsorship or motives b. Reliance on insufficient evidence/hasty generalization c. Unbalanced or biased presentation d. Unexamined assumptions e. Faulty causal reasoning


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