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Assignment structure (for the first assignment – BM565): –         Front cover –         Contents –         Section 1 (900 words): a.      Why you deem this topic to be of importance. b.     How this has topic has developed c.      A detailed description of the technology used in this topic and what it is used for. d.     What technological platforms and software are used in the topic e.     What type of business and organisation uses the technology f.       How is it used as a business tool and is this effective? –         Section 2 (1100 words): How does this relate to course content and discussion on the nature of the relationship between digital technologies and both old and newly emerging theories on business and management structures and practices? –         References Topic: CRM, AI, Cloud, Mobile apps, globalisation, software, social media, E-commerce, E-management, E-marketing, E-finance


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